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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by 43eyes, Jul 11, 2012.

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    Ok, I am having a couple problems with some commands when it come to permissions. I have the nodes set up perfectly for wand and reload, but I can't do those commands. D:< The funny thiing is, I can set the spawn! Here is the permissions:
        default: false
        - essentials.setspawn
        - essentials.reload
        - worledit.wand
        - moderator
        prefix: '[ADMIN] - &c'
        build: true
        suffix: ''
    PS: I am using PEX.
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    Well.. you have spelt worldedit wrong, so that is probably why you can't use the wand.

    Since essentials doesn't supply the reload command, and nor does it have a essentials.reload permission node, thats probably why you can't use reload, of course, every single person that's ever done it quickly learns you NEVER want to use reload. Stop the server and re-start it. Most plugins don't support it properly and end up cause memory leaks until they do restart their server
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    -_- *Facepalm I can't believe it was a miss-spell! I looked at it countless times and I could have sword it was spelled correctly! I swear I am dyslexic. :p Thanks for letting me know about the reload, I feel really stupid now.
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