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Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by Qentus, Dec 6, 2012.

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    Hi everybody,
    I want to hear if this behaviour is normal.

    I have my minecraft server running bukkit version 1.4.5 Beta 2.
    The whole server is running on RAMdisk (except DynMap).

    And I have a problem with saving all the chunks with /save-on.
    The problem is, that everytime (once a minute?) there is a 1 sec lagg because of world saving.
    As I said before, server is in RAMdisk so why is it so laggy?

    I am using Multiverse to manage my worlds, but I cannot disable it because I need more worlds on my server.

    So please tell me if this is normal behaviour or if I should search the problem in my plugins.
    Or probably tell me a way how to get rid of these laggs.

    P.S.: I can tell you more details if needed.
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    How many world is it you've got ?
    Remember the more Worlds, the more time it takes to save all the chunks especially if your server has quite a few players on, you might experience a lag spike.
    If you're running on multicraft ? I think, then disable their world save and have the plugin that you've got (I think thats what you mean) do the job.
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    I haven´t got that many players - 30 online in the evenings.
    I have 6 worlds. But 5 of them have mostly only spawn chunks loaded (600 chunks each world?) and one main world with about 3k chunks loaded. So together it is 6k chunks?

    I dont know what Multicraft is. And I figured out that no plugin can save worlds. /save-all isnt working anymore.
    When you do /save-off, chunks never unload... Even if you spam /save-all every fucki*g second :D

    However I may do something wrong so I´ll give a chance to any advice you give me ;)
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    Well, what are your server specs ?
    I mean, you've got quite many words, saving chunks for all of them with 30 people on can be quite.. demanding on the specs. I get a small lag spike with 30-40 people on, with just one main words, nether and the end.
    So, you're saving the worlds manually, yes ?
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    No, I am talking about bukkit behaviour.
    If you have /save-on (it is default), chunks ale saved into disk every ?60? seconds.
    If you do /save-off, chunks stop unloading and the number of chunks is only increasing.
    You can do /save-all but it doesn´t make chunks unload and save.

    So I have small lag every 60 seconds and when I do /save-off lag is done but I cant save the worlds until I do /save-on.

    My server is running in RAMdisk so I think that there should´t be these laggs.
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    I had a bit to research on this. Apparently it started happening since the beta build I think.

    Here's what it came up with:
    I haven't read the links stated above, but I think they are regarding the same issue. So, the only thing I can think of is disabling the save-on command, and/or try getting a auto worldsave plugin. If I find any I'll post it here.

    Had a look for the plugin;

    Supports Multi-Worlds.

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    Thanks, but there is written "Performs a world saves (same as save-all on console)", but /save-all does nothing at all with /save-off
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    Aaah. Let me continue my research then :p
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