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  1. So I am going to have a survival/city kind of server where players can get 1 HUGE plot in the plotme world where they can add other players too and make a city or a big house, now because they are in survival they will have to gather resources, correct? So at spawn, theres a portal to a normal world where they gather resources (NOTE: I do not use Multiverse inventories so they can bring those items to plotme world), but I don't want all the players to use up all the resources or the new players would have to travel FAR to get resources. So I want a plugin, that works with multiverse, and basically kicks everyone out of the server saying "Map resetting" Or "Resource world resetting..." and then deleting the current world and generating a new one (Possibly with a new seed if you can do that), all that would happen depending on the time you set in the config (Ex: 2 days or 1 week) or if I do a command like /worldreset reset, to reset the world. If there already is a plugin that can do this, please link it.
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    Follow the format ;)
    Click here for example post (open)
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    walrusindustriesmc I do have a plugin that is capable of deleting certain folders every time the server starts
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    I remember that one, I decompiled it and used it to figure out how to use files a long time ago :p
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    I don't understand why can't you just delete the world folder..? :p
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    I think he wants to automate the process.
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    Anyways good luck with your plugin request, walrusindustriesmc! :)
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    Make a script in your server panel maybe?

    /mv unload resources
    /mv delete resources
    /mv delete resources
    /mv create resources

    Because if we would make a plugin for you. This is what the plugin would execute behind the screens.
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  9. Ok thank you guys, I guess I can make multicraft enter the commands for multiverse to unload, and generate a new world as thomas15v had suggested :D
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