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    Hello fellow server Owners/admins, I was thinking one day one my server: How am I supposed to protect a world and only allow my players to build in plots? I have no idea how to code although I am still learning so if anyone out there can help me out either by recomening a plugin or making one that will be great:).
    Thanks in advance
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    PlotMe is an up and coming plugin and provides a world generator and also all the protection you need :D

    I use it on my server so come and check it out if you wish to test it @
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    Thank you so much, I will try your server but is there a way to make the players pay for a plot
    Once again, Thanks in advance
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    I don't think there is any way to make them pay for a plot but as the plugin is being actively developed then why not ask them to add it ;)
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    Ok, Thanx again :)
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    Your welcome ;)
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    PlotMe has economy support since Friday

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