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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by The_Creamster, Oct 19, 2013.

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    I'm using World Guard to 'protect' the spawn region with the more important things like player shops, rules building etc... but to do that while not being op i had to move the spawnpoint away from the area. The regions at the moment are:
    - Spawn: encompasses the whole area
    - Shops: a subregion inside the 'Spawn' region housing the player chestshops

    The problem right now is that anyone can edit the blocks in the 'Spawn' region even though i haven't added anyone to its member's & i own the region. So what flags should i use on each region/subregion so you can't build unless you are an owner and/or member of the region/subregion???

    This is pretty important if the 'Spawn' region is to remain intact as its quite impressive, and too allow the player shops to function without them being griefed.

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    Try simply flagging "build" to "deny". This should prevent building for everyone except for members of that region.
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    NO, no no. Don't mess with the build flag. It's not needed for protections, never has been in years. The WorldGuard has a big fat warning right there regarding the build flag, because so many completely misunderstand what it does, and when it's even needed.

    The_Creamster What you want is simple "parenting" of your market stalls. Make the big area as usual, then make the small player owned regions (their shop), make them owner or member of that shop region, then do
    /region setparent someplayershop spawnarea

    That way the player owning someplayershop can freely do in it what they like, but can't build or destroy your spawnarea. No flags needed.
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    Thanks for that zipfe, its definitely what i was looking for; i'll post back when i've done it on a small number of shop regions too see how good it works :)

    Thanks for that zipfe, its what i've been looking for but haven't been able to find or think of myself. I'll post again when i've done this to a small selection of shops to see if it works how it sounds like it should.
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