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    Sorry if there is already a plugin that does this, but I have been searing for a couple hours now and haven't found one. I have a server with PlotMe and I have a seperate world used to gather supplies. What I want is to be able to reset this world every week or so with a server restart but I want to roll it back to a point at which I save it. Maybe duplicate the world at the beginning state, after I build a starting point/instructions via signs, and then just have the world copy over every week? Basically I want it to reset all of the world except for a certain area (building where you start in) Any help here?

    bumpppp, I really need this ASAP. Please.

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    That wouldn't be possible. It would just crash your server and the chance to corrupt your map.
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    So resort to what I said. ^,^
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    Thanks, The one issue I have with that one is that you can't schedule it, and it resets the players inventory. Does that mean that if someone is in the gather world before the server restart, and the map reloads, they will loose all the supplies they gathered? They only gather supplies in this world, then they go to another world to build their buildings. Like what Lava-Craft does.


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    There are actually Several plugins that can do this

    My Worlds can Save and load entire worlds without stopping server (it has a clone feature) so you can get the world to the state you want. and then clone that state each (refresh)

    RegenBlock can restore areas to a particular state at a set condition (timer/player leaves/manual activation)

    Worldedit has a Snapshot feature but i think this is not an ideal method.
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    Multiverse Adventures will do this. You can reset the world with a command or whenever the server restarts. its not possible to have it reset each week, but you can just log in and do it manually once a week.
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    I have my server set to restart every night, can I set the world to regen while the server restarts? The problem I have with the map regenerating while the server is on is what if people dig a tunnel, and are in the tunnel while world regens. They will be stuck inside blocks and then die.
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    Umm.. i'm sure there is a way with My Worlds. it just doesn't spring to mind. You might need to make some other thing to run a cmd that reloads the world on a timer

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