Working Permissions and Iconomy Plugin for Beta 1.5_02 Server

Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by Kommando007, Feb 24, 2024.

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    Foreword: Please ignore this post if this Version is too old for you or doesnt make sense in your opinion. Im not behind profit or success, i just like to revive old things and provide something to the retrocommunity.

    Dear Bukkitcommunity,
    I am currently gathering Plugins and testing them on an old craftbukkitversion for Beta 1.5_02.
    This are the Plugins that i got from versions before or after Beta 1.5_02 that are running pretty good.
    AuthMe 0.77
    Essentials 2.4.1
    MagicCarpet 1.5.6
    Questioner v0.4
    Towny 0.72.1
    Worledit 4.6

    This Plugins work pretty good, although they are missing an working Permissions plugin.
    I have gone through severall Permissionsplugins and they all seem to puke out the same Errorcodes in the console.

    The original Permissions Plugin i needed was by a guy called Phoenix back then. He changed his name later to Yeti. He then announced that he isnt going to develope Permissions 2.x and they started to work on Permissions 3.x . This Plugin got abandoned too later on.
    Here is one archived closed Thread from them:

    I have managed to get a Plugin called bpermissions version 1.3.1 running. It is for the craftbukkits of the Minecraftversion Beta 1.7.3 tho. It states someother errorcodes, because of incompatible APIĀ“s in the Javacode. Executing commands is not possible too. The console sends an text saying: Internal error why using this command etc etc.
    I recently learned that known plugins are licensed and therefore it is forbidden to manipulate or copy codes from the sourcecode.
    Thats why i am asking if someone has a Permissions.jar data, which is originally for Beta 1.4 or Beta 1.5.

    With all my respects,

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