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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by Redstone_Pro_73, Dec 6, 2014.

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    I would like a wool mix-up plugin that is simular to the real Wool Mix Up

    The commands I would like are:

    /wmu create (arena) - start creation of arena
    Permission Node: wmu.create
    /wmu join (arena) - join a specific arena
    Permission Node: wmu.join
    /wmu leave - leave the arena you are in
    Permission Node: wmu.leave
    /wmu vote - votes for the game you are in to start
    Permission Node: wmu.vote
    /wmu setPrizewinner (amount of money (using economy) to give to winner)
    Permission Node: wmu.setprize
    /wmu setspawn (arena) - set the spawn for the players to spawn when they join
    Permission Node: wmu.setspawn
    /wmu setspectate (arena) - Set a spectate point for a specific arena
    Permission Node: wmu.setspectate
    /wmu spectate (arena) - Spectate a specific arena
    Permission Node: wmu.spectate
    /wmu stats (all|player) - View stats of a player or view the leader board
    Permission Node: wmu.stats
    /wmu setlobby - set the lobby so when they get knocked out they
    spawn there
    Permission Node: wmu.setlobby
    /wmu lobby - teleports you to the lobby
    Permission Node: wmu.lobby
    /wmu forcestart - starts game regardless of players
    Permission Node: wmu.forcestart

    Signs (please color them to the colors I choose here):
    [Join] - Join the specific arena when right clicked

    [Spectate] - Spectate a specific arena

    Extra info:

    What is Wool Mix Up?: Short in site of the game if you don't know: There is a random generated floor made of different colors of wool. A colored wool then goes into all the players inventory, the player then have to run and stand on that color. All the other colors then go away. After a couple of seconds the floor then regenerates and the color in the inventory changes and it all repeats. The time you have to get on the colored wool block decreases every time. If you don't understand this then I'm sorry! You can try a google it!

    Extra add ons: The game needs at least 4 people to start and should start with countdown from 10. I would like the count down to happen on the XP bar too! It would Also be nice to have it so you can set how big the arena is too! Thanks

    Thanks so much, I know this is a really long and hard plugin to create. We don't need it right away, but within' 2 weeks would be great, respond to tell me around how long it will take, Thanks!!!! [​IMG]
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    Bump! Seens like a good idea
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    ColorShuffle is what you want.
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