Inactive [WIP][WEB/ADMIN] McMyAdmin 2 - Beta 1 available to download now (Win/Linux/Mac) - Easy to install!

Discussion in 'Bukkit Tools' started by PhonicUK, Nov 7, 2011.

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    i don't love you, i got a girlfriend XD
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    Haha... :p. Still waiting for that McMyAdmin 2 :D
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    Just a small suggestion I have for you....with backups....could you make it possible to automatically upload them to an ftp server of our choosing? Probably pretty low on your todo list however I think it would be fantastic.....

    Also by memory you weren't zipping the files as a normal .zip...would you be able to just do that instead... also can you make it zip EVERYTHING in the craftbukkit folder. Including plugins etc
  4. Great job on this! I can't wait for this to be released!
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    not rly! :eek:
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    Any way you could add permissions importing i know theres a permissions exporting but i think it would be nice if you could do some commands ingame to a plugin that would tell mcmyadmin it was updated.
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    Does Personal still = 8 Player Slot? :C
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    Hi I already bought McMyAdmin will this update be free for people who already bought it or do I need to buy a new license for McMyAdmin 2?
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    If you have bought a license for McMyAdmin you will not have to buy one for McMyAdmin 2 :D
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    Existing MCMA Pro users will get MCMA 2 for free :)
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    Yeey, Can't wait, Hit me up if you need beta testers ;)
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    Patience is not a virtue I possess....
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    Yay!!!! Happy holidays to us :)
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    *wonders when the beta is going live... not to mention final*
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    the GUI looks amazing compared to the old one :D
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    Is McMyAdmin 2 going to follow a clean upgrade path from the current version? In other words, are we going to be able to his the update button and run the upgrade (likely with a server restart), or is it going to have to be a clean install? I'm working on setting up a new server, and am debating whether it'd be easier to start with the current version or just wait for 2.
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    You'll be able to use your existing configuration files, but the binaries will have to be installed yourself. MCMA2 uses a different loader format, so the MCMA1 loader won't be able to do the update.
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    So I should just wait? Or would the wait be long enough that I shouldn't?
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    @md_5 use a dual boot?
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    Posted half way through November
    In response to above quote
    Posted on December 8
    Any updates? :)
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    The planned date has slipped, been pretty busy. But it's very close now. The backend is mostly finished for the beta and the frontend is where the bulk of the work is needed.

    Make sure to register for the beta if you want to participate, and keep an eye on my twitter feed.
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    The most interesting, in my opinion, option, is to watch and edit the configuration files of the plugins, maybe to update or even if anyone does not works propersly have control by deactivating and tips for alternatives.
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    Have a look at Preferences tab, there is already the possibility to disable plugins
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    Still waiting, take your time :)
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    I will :p Right now I'm sorting out the UI for backups. :)
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    Cool, like they say quality not quantity.
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    Bought a license cause McMyAdmin 2 looks promising. Is there ever gonna be a feature to create more servers on the same physical server? I wouldn't mind being able to start and stop a secondary server running on the same physical server as the main one. Also, in terms of performance impact, how would you say Mcma affects it?
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    PhonicUK I applied, have a nice day, and excellent software! :)
    It SHOWS you resources -- It consumes about 50-100MB of RAM imo, and virtually NO CPU :)
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