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    Hey everybody, today I was thinking about creating a Skyrim based RPG plugin, and was just wondering what your guy's thoughts/suggestions on one would be. Please feel free to post any suggestions you may have that you think would work well in Minecraft without a client mod. Seeing how big this project has grown I will probably be looking for possible devs to work on this with me, let me know if you're interested.

    I have now come to the conclusion that I need a name for the plugin, so far @Technius and I have come up with two names either "MineRim" or "SkyrimRPG". If you have any ideas/suggestions for a name they would be greatly appreciated.

    Possible skills:

    Pick-Pocketing: Priority: Highest
    - Right click on player while crouching opens up a chest gui of the players inventory (Got this idea from the plugin OpenInv).
    - As you level up % of success increases.
    - 1 item = 90%, 5 items = 40%, 10 items = 20%
    - Percentage of success varies by value of the item.
    - On failure items are returned and player is sent to jail.

    Lock-Picking: Priority: High
    - Unlocking chests.
    - Unlocking iron doors, wooden are always unlocked.
    - I don't have many ideas on this except maybe a chest gui where you need to line up the blocks properly.
    - % chance of being caught and sent to jail.

    Smithing: Priority: Low
    - Required to level up to make certain armours and weapons
    - Requires multiple of certain ores to create the ingot (Just an idea, not really sure about an opinion on this yet)

    Magic: Priority: Highest
    - Different classes of magic
    - Destruction: Fireball
    - Conjuration: Items, zombie follower
    - Shouts: Unrelenting force, Whirlwind, Disarm
    - Restoration: Regenerate Health/Hunger
    - Learn spells from spell books.

    Sneaking: Priority: Normal
    - While sneaking if undetected more damage is dealt.
    - Lower chance of being caught picking a lock.

    Archery/Pick/Sword/Shovel(AnyWeapon): Priority: Highest
    - More damage with that weapon.
    - Chance of critical hit.
    - Chance of disarm at high levels with certain weapons.

    Other ideas:

    Jarls: Priority: Normal
    - Different towns with different Jarls.
    - Servants/followers.

    StormCloacks vs. Imperials: Priority: Normal
    - Some conflicts, join one or the other.
    - Specific cities for each.

    Possible later implementation:

    Disease: Priority: Normal
    - Cave spider poisoning.
    - Potions to heal.

    API: Priority: Low
    - API allowing people to make plugins for custom skills.
    - Support for anything that you would really need to hook into this plugin with.

    Temples: Priority: Low
    - Heal disease.
    - Talos/other god worshipping.

    Vampirism: Priority: Low
    - Same effects as in Skyrim.
    - Different stages.

    Companions: Priority: Low
    - Quest line.
    - Wear wolves.

    Quests: Priority: LOWEST
    - A few plugins that already do this, could be interesting.
    - Random misc. quests that are given out as you explore.

    Thanks for reading, feel free to post your ideas or opinion. I have recently decided that if I do decide to make this that it will be made with spout because of all the possibilities that spout brings about as well as GUI's. Anybody interested that has prior Spout knowledge can just PM me or post in this thread.
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    But isn't there already stamina? And if we use spout with can just have a magicka bar.
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    I suggest you consider building this as a fork of Heroes or such, that way you got the main structure layed out.

    Great idea, by the way!
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    One idea to pickpocketing, if the guy you pickpocket turns around and sees you, the pickpocket thingy is cancelled.

    And BTW, I have just started to learn java, and I had this idea in mind.

    One more idea; I might haven't read the post fully, but maybe acrobatics, you increase your acrobatic level by sprinting, jumping and falling.

    Worst name to this plugin: SkillRim


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    It would be.... difficult.... to detect if the player turns around. What I had in mind was a time limit, and if the player didn't pick pocket anything within that time limit, it was fail. The time limit increases as the player's sneak and pickpocket skills increase.

    BukkitDev page here:http://dev.bukkit.org/server-mods/skyrimrpg/
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    pretty amazing
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    We have a little Christmas gift for you guys! Watch our BukkitDev page!
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    Hello, I was wondering if you'd like to join the development team for a elder scrolls themed mod I and a couple other developers are starting. I feel that if we combined our mods, it would be a lot better.
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    EDIT: I thought you were talking about a CLIENT mod.

    Our team has four people, two of us who are knowledgeable about Spout. We have skills and spells done, but we haven't added Spout support yet. We don't think we will add races like yours, though. It also seems like you guys are inexperienced.
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    I like this i will probably use it soon! :D

    the [cake] is a lie!
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    Why not use it now? Download links are posted on our BukkitDev page! :D
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    Well its a WIP but ill give it a shot!
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