[WIP] Splinters - Tools Now Have A Reason For Breaking.

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What do you think should be worked on first?

  1. Salvage - chance of dropping recipe items at random

  2. Gloves - prevent damage from splinters

  3. Armour - armour reduces damage from tools breaking

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    Splinters, in short is a plugin aimed mainly for role playing servers using craftbukkit. When a tool or item in hand breaks it has a reason, along with damage (can be changed in config.). You'll have a message randomly generated such as "The iron had a weak spot, cracking your sword!" along with a set amount of damage being dealt to the player. It's goal is to provide an extra bit of realism and create a bit of a challenge for players in some situations.

    You may view the live updated board for Splinters that I use to keep track of what to do & what's left to do here https://trello.com/b/SZ6xkhic

    You may also view the plugin page on bukkit dev here http://dev.bukkit.org/bukkit-plugins/splinters/

    Ideas and feedback is greatly appreciated, go ahead and be as critical as you'd like, what you say won't affect my mindset if you're a bit harsh :)
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    Terrible. Worst thing I've ever seen, the stupidest idea I have ever heard.

    I get brainfreeze when just thinking about it.

    Now that i have your attention,

    this sounds like a brilliant idea. A nice and creative idea, i would definitely use this when it's done. Let's just hope that you won't give it up :D
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    You just scared me for a second, I was thinking this was creative in its own way and was fairly good haha. Glad to hear you like it. I should be done with the generated messages & will submit the file tonight to dev.bukkit and hopefully be approved sometime in the near future :)
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    I like the idea and I would add in configuration to add damage based on enchantments on the item so magical items deal more damage than normal ones (highly enchanted ones even more so) to reflect the magical energy lost in the items destruction.
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    I'll add it to my list of things to do for the plugin, if I get a good response on the plugin I will delve all my attention towards it. As of now, I just uploaded it and want to take a break, haha.

    As I just told mindless, I had just uploaded it to dev.bukkit and is awaiting approval. Unsure how long it will take but hopefully it should be up within the next 12-24 hours as there's not much code to go through. A lot of it is repetitive for the cases looking for the tool and type and the random message array's.

    As of now guys, I sit back and relax for the night and have fun :)
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    Sounds good :)

    If you need any help with the coding, i'm more than happy to help. I've been coding for a year or so now, so i should be able to help you : >
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    File has been approved and can be found here.

    Currently working on the Salvage aspect of Splinters. I feel like that could be a whole other plugin.. Just an in depth algorithm for drop chances and for blocks in game.
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