[WIP] Paytation - Keep track of players payments!

Discussion in 'WIP and Development Status' started by TehRandomGuy, Nov 23, 2011.


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    Having trouble getting money from your players to pay for the server? Paytation will automatically keep track of payments and will demote or block stubborn players who refuse to pay their share.

    You will have the option of charging in-game currency and actual money in the configuration.

    This post will be updated as more features/information is avaliable.

    Want to support me? Buy me a Minecraft account by clicking here. Only 2 more clicks to go!

    Estimated release date: 1 December 2011
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    Can't wait to hear more about this, and see it develop!
  3. Is this real-world donations or in-game currency?
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    I was thinking just real-world donations, but I will add in a option for in-game and real-world.

    Edit: I forgot to tag....
  5. Ok, just wondering. Check out the competition already available though.
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    What do you mean by "competition"?
  7. I meant other plugins already available to do the job.
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    I guess your referring to your one? Well it's good to have a choice. :)
  9. Yea, I was just saying.
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    There has to be a difference between yours and his?
    • His
      • Makes people pay money in order to play on the server and pay for server bills
    • Yours
      • Use money to buy in game items, to help pay for the server bills​
    Surely they are different? Your plugin is great and all, but I hate that offline limit that's in place with an auth plugin I have it makes it safe.

  11. Hey I didnt want to make it come accross like I was comparing plugins, please dont take it that way. I was suggesting ideas for him. And offline mode has been supported for over a month now. Lets not talk about my pluginthough, I dont like doing it in others threads. To OP, if you need help, contact me and ill sure give you some assistance.
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    Hey man I'm only stating facts, you seem to go in every thread thinking you "own" these "types" on plugins. I'm simply showing you a difference. Regarding the offline mode, I'm sure I asked you to update me when you have done that change, your change log didn't say, unless I missed the point.

    @TehRandomGuy - Might use this, hope you get it up soon as.
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