[WIP] [O-SOURCE] Plugin.yml generator [VB.NET]

Discussion in 'Bukkit Tools' started by LucidDev, Feb 9, 2013.

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    This tool is a WIP and therefore a BETA. Not all functions work!

    My main objective behind posting this is seeing if I should continue development. Would anyone use something like this? If not I'll just quit while i'm ahead haha

    What is it?
    It generates a Plugin.yml with the options the user inputs into the GUI

    How do I use it?
    Simply run the program, put in your options, add some commands and permissions, and click 'Export' at the bottom of the preview window.

    Why is this a WIP?
    Not all options are added. Not everything already in the GUI Exports. The Preview Window doesn't show everything. The output YAML Could be buggy.

    Will this work on my OS?
    Currently only works on Windows, Sorry!

    Images (Click To Expand!) (open)


    Source & Download:
    Download (The source is above so I see no reason to add a virus scan. Go ahead and scan on your own if you'd like though!)
    Why on earth did you make this in VB.NET!?
    Well, Only for one reason. The theme's source is in vb.net, however I'm porting it to C# in my offtime, so this will, Eventually, switch over to C#.

    Added logo
    Added menu
    Import spots reserved
    Import code slightly implemented (Need to find a YAML Parser instead of making my own)
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    I do have a question however.
    What profit is there in using this instead of doing it manually in your favorite IDE?
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    There really isn't any, I am just kinda lazy and would like to have every YAML Option with a simple text box put infront of me haha, granted not all of them are implemented yet, but it'll get there
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    Oh, okay :) Well, cool anyway!
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    Even if I won't be using it, it looks like a nifty little program.
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