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Discussion in 'WIP and Development Status' started by Belf, Oct 15, 2011.

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    WorkHarder - Work In Progress
    Make things more difficult in Minecraft​
    Based on the request of @MisanthropX : Thread
    Project status :
    Increase growth time - 0% done
    Decrease Wheat/Seed/Melon/Sugarcane income - 100%
    Increase harvesting time (after harvesting, the land has to be retilled with a hoe) - 100% done
    Increase mining time - 100%
    Decrease tool duration - 100%
    Increase needed smelting amount - 100%
    Decrease duration time of fuel (coal and charcoal) - 100%
    Increase growth time - 0% done
    Increase chopping time - 100%
    Decrease tool duration - 100%
    One time chopping - 0% done
    *Probability of failing a craft - 100% done
    *Random durability after craft an item - 100% done
    Quality system
    In research​
    No respawn for animals - Creatures are not totally persistent in MC, so probably not a good idea, but i'm looking for a way to have a similar result​
    Monster IA - probably not possible or at least very difficult to have something lightweight.​
    Configuration file - 50% done
    Permissions - 50% done
    Input and suggestions are welcomed​
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    Really? Already?

    Subscribed :)
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    I love you :)

    you do not have to code everything I guess - there are already plugins (as mentioned in my suggestion)
    do you have needed any "spoutmagic" yet?
    well, its ok if you do :p

    for growth time - you may take a look on "fastgrow" which let you set min growing time + random number.
    It propably works for wheat too.

    One question:
    Can you make it possible to edit all block-destroying times?

    thanks a lot! you are doing a great job
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    Yeah i know, but it's some rather simple things, and i want to do a all in one package for this, rather than a combinaison of plugins. I want it to be lightweight as possible and not depend of too much plugin.

    Nope, and I don't think it will be needed, I only need spout serveur plugin for the time being. But spoutcraft makes the hardness handling of the block a lot more smoother (if the user do not have spoutcraft, the animation of the bloc damage is not finished when it break)

    I took a look, but it's more complex for the wheat/farm things, but I have some ideas on how to do it.

    Yes, this part is almost done!
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    For charcoal: its like coal with same effects.
    One problem is that they have sane item id, that may makes it not possible to alter its effect
    regarding that notch havnt fixed slab material yet.
    However - rather than removing charcoal.
    It could have just less effectivity than normal coal.
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    You're right... by default : Coal and Charcoal have 16s duration time and i takes 2s to process a recipe (same time for all recipes).
    We can modify the duration time to have something more balanced.

    Like 8s for coal, and 1.5 / 2s for charcoal, but whatever it will be customizable

    They have the same ID, but not the same Data, it's very easy to find out if this is charcoal or coal
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    Suggest making the spawn rate of animals very rare. Thus when you come across an animal it is in the players best interest to try and tame it.
    Would be great to have it similar to Haven and Hearth where wild animals appear as a different texture to tamed animals. Think boar for wild and normal pig for tamed. Or Buffalo wild and cow tamed.
    When you try and tame an animal in Haven and Hearth they start to attack the player. You have to survive the animal attacking you as you try and tame it. Fun! A cow in Haven and Hearth takes an hour of game play the tame. A bit excessive for minecraft but I really like the idea.
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    Doubt that would work. Have a bunch of random user's come on, and kill monsters, GG.

    Very situational.
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    Just means you have to protect them. Either through area protection, or hide them away. It is survival after all.
    And we are trying to make the game harder.
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    I really like the texture idea for the tamed / not tamed animals, but i'll wait MC1.9 for this.

    The creature spawns things, can be hard to setup, but we are going to find a way, isn't it ? :)

    Dev status updated

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    I wonder how the tamed and not tamed would work.

    I guess it could be on a leash? If there's a way to set an entity to it, for instance wolf tame,

    And combine that with a protection area, I wonder if it's possible to than protect your animals. But if they 'walk' away from that area, than they are good as dead.

    @Belf ps good job on work!

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    amazing :) I guess growth time is a hard thing to tackle.
    Considering all actions in minecraft that has some kind of time-setoff, work with ticks.
    As far as I know, there is a specific algorithm to make things "grow".
    On minecraft wiki you can find sone (clientside?) code how farmland-growing works.
    basically: every X ticks you have a chance of Y to get 1 step further in the process.
    X and Y are random of course.
    I hope my thoughts doesnt make it more complicated as it is ^^.

    However: I really appreciate your work. Good luck and happy coding.
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    Just an idea like this, not concerning the work in itself, but about crafting. I've seen you already did something for the oven, and I find it very cool. So would this be possible to make it harder to craft? For example adding a possibility to fail your craft.
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    Or more recipes?
    Failing could work, just add a simple % Chance of success, not sure how it would look in code however.
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    If you really want to make things "uber" difficult implement a quality system.
    Firstly, yes this is near impossible. It's just a thought!

    Based on location each block has a quality rating. The quality of an item determines the effect that item has, for example if the quality of a log is 10, the resulting quality of the plank crafted in the player's inventory screen would be 5.
    The players inventory crafting halves the quality of an item. Simulating the "out in the field" crafted items aren't as good as ones properly worked on in the right environment, i.e a workshop. Quality influences the effectiveness of the item. A quality 10 bread heals more than a quality 5 bread and so on.
    That's the general idea.

    Now details.
    Note: "q10" means "quality 10" and so on.
    Quality of base materials is determined by the location of the player. A player should be able to stumble/find locations in the world that have a higher quality rating materials. So lets put the base quality of all material blocks at q10 and ranges up to q100. This allows the quality of crafted items to drop below their base value.

    Player finds a tree and harvests logs q10 (Base value). Using their player inventory turns them into q3 sticks and q5 planks. The player decides to create a hoe with the wood. The quality of the hoe is determined by:
    qHoe = (avg(qStick) + avg(qPlank))/2 This equation just finds the total average quality of the item.
    Resulting hoe is q4. (3+5)/2

    You get the idea.

    So the player now has a q4 Hoe to harvest wheat.

    Player wanders for a bit and stumbles onto a location in the world that produces a q20 log.
    Decides its time to create a workbench. Player creates planks q10 and then a workbench q5.
    What is the benefit of this? Well the quality of the items crafted are not halved any more. The quality of the workbench is included in the equation.
    Now the player creates a new hoe, using some of the q20 logs found.
    qPlanks = (qLogs +qWorkbench)/2
    Therefore the qPlanks is (20 + 5)/2 = q13
    Therefore the qSkicks is (13 + 5)/2 = q9
    Therefore the qHoe is (13 + 9 + 5)/3 = q9

    So the player now has a q9 Hoe to harvest wheat.

    And so on...

    World Effects.
    The effects of quality items change the way the player interacts with the world.
    Sword damage is determined by the base damage and the quality of the sword.
    Bread healing rate is determined the quality of the bread.
    The quality of the mined material depends on the quality of the material and the quality of the item used to mine the material. So even if you find a q100 diamond source but you only have a q10 iron pick you cant tell its a q100 diamond source because the resulting quality of the diamonds would be q55. hehehe!

    The whole point of this quality system would be to give the players a reason to recreate items/blocks they already have made, encourage exploration to find better base materials and overall make surviving in minecraft so much more difficult. Mwahahahahahaha

    Alright. You can now tell me that it can't be done. ;):D

    Also, Yes if you have player Haven and Hearth you would know ALL about this quality system.
    I have a lot more information on it if anyone is interested.
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    There is not a good to handle crop growth efficiently, because, ATM we can't detected when a crop grow (change of state), the only way, is to code a scheduler which is gonna check, every X ticks if the plant has grow, and perhaps downgrade it, but I don't thinks it's a good idea (can be heavy for the server). I'm probably going to postpone this feature, till bukkit will be able to better handle crops.

    Yes, good idea, i'm going to create a system to control craft results (probability of fail and random durability between 2 values) for each recipe (custom ones included).

    There is already plugins which allow to create custom recipes.

    Mmmm, it could work in a certain way... But I can't set a quality to an item wich is using his durability value (only way to stock the custom data), so I guess it won't work for tools and weapons and armors (only be able to have a higher initial durability), but it's certainly going to be possible with 1.9 enchants.

    Thanks for the input :)
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    I really love the idea of area (or biome) depended item quality, but I think it would be a bit heavy for a "lightweight" plugin, or atleast @Belf tries to make it lightweight.
    The idea is awesome to have something like quality.. means that you can't simply plant trees in the desert and sell them as the same quality as ... from some forest :)
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    Any updates @Belf ?
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    Looking forward to a beta version, if there will be one
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    I have put this plugin on hold, but I am again working on it. I will soon release a beta :)
    Sorry for the wait, blame BF3 and Skyrim ^^
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    I blame Skyrim for a lot at them moment...

    Perfectly understandable absence.
    My Dream: Meld Skyrim and Minecraft....... :eek:
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    Aaaaalllll right.

    Okay, i'm 1.5 month late :D
    I'm releasing a beta version in one or two weeks, and i juste updated the progress status ;)
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    woohoo! many thanks!
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