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Discussion in 'WIP and Development Status' started by Blackveil, Jun 3, 2014.

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    InteractiveChat is a new plugin for Bukkit (will be available in a day or so), which is highly customizable. You will be able to customize every aspect of your server's chat at your own leisure. If InteractiveChat doesn't have a feature that you believe would be a great addition, please tell me and I will work on putting it into the plugin.

    (Development Image) - The plugin currently in testing, to release to the public sometime soon. Customize your chat, to entirely new multitudes!

    Vault - Vault is required for InteractiveChat to run. Vault allows InteractiveChat to support a multitude of permissions systems, this helps you choose what features your users are allowed to use.
    Bukkit 1.7.2 - InteractiveChat will not provide support for any version behind 1.7.2, however does support any version from 1.7.2 - 1.7.9.

    Prefix / Suffix Support - The plugin will use the player's prefix before the group suffix.
    Color and Formatting Support - You will be able to color and format your text in-game.
    Permissions and Groups Support - You will be able to assign permissions for your chat using your installed permissions system, through Vault.
    Extremely Customizable - You will be able to customize aspects of your chat like never before, with new customization options. Customize preset variables for your chat, aswell as create your own preset variables for your chat. View the config file: http://pastebin.com/VhH7vNiY (The config file is subject to change throughout development).

    View Spoiler To View Configuration File
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    ## Interactive Chat Configuration

    ## Be sure to properly format the configuration settings otherwise your changes will automatically be reset to the default values.

    ## This is the chat format all users who's primary group is the default group or for all users who have no group.
    default: "({world}) {prefix} {sc}{sh}{name}{hm}&eClick&f this player's name to message them!{qt}/w {name} {eh}{ec} {suffix}: {message}"
    ## You can customize the chat format for users in a different group aswell.
    ## Use UUIDs if "chat-settings.settings.require-uuids" is set to true.
    chat-format: "({world}) {prefix} {sh}{sh}{name}{sh}&e{name} is in the group {group}. This is their custom chat format.{qt}/w {name} {eh}{ec} {suffix}: {message}"
    ## You can use player names if "chat-settings.settings.require-uuids" is set to false.
    chat-format: "({world}) {prefix} {sh}{sh}{name}{sh}&e{name} is in the group {group}. This is their custom chat format.{qt}/w {name} {eh}{ec} {suffix}: {message}"
    me-format: ""
    pm-format: ""

    ## If you want to require player's UUIDs to match their previous UUIDs (to prevent players changing their names to that players, select this to true.
    ## If set to false, you can input name data to save a player's customizations.
    require-uuids: true
    ## The permission required to chat to other players. These permission nodes have no effect if you do not enable permissions.
    ## Set to true if players need permission to speak.
    require-permission: false
    permission: "interactivechat.speak.allow"
    ## Set to true if players need permission to use colorcodes in chat.
    require-permission: false
    permission: "interactivechat.color.allow"
    ## Set to true if players need permission to mute their chat.
    require-permission: false
    permission: "interactivechat.silence.allow"
    ## [!] To prevent abuse, players must have this permission to mute another player.
    permission: "interactivechat.mute.allow"
    ## Preset values for placing variables inside of your chat format. You can create custom presets aswell, this allows you
    ## to create customizable variables for your server's chat.
    ## ** Advanced Presets **
    ## The starthover and endhover presets allow you to create messages that players can view other messages by placing their
    ## mouse over the text in the chatbox. To use these presets properly, place the starthover tag before the text you wish
    ## to have display a message to hover over.
    ## Usage:
    ## chat-format: "{sh}{name}{hm}Hover message!{eh}: {message}"
    ## The example shown above is a proper guideline on how to create text containing a hover message. If you were to use
    ## the example as your chat format, it would have appeared as: "Blackveil: Wow!". Whenever a player is to place their
    ## mouse over "Blackveil" the message "Hover message!" would appear.
    world: "{world}"
    prefix: "{prefix}"
    suffix: "{suffix}"
    group: "{group}"

    ## The displayname will contain customizations, the name will not.
    name: "{name}"
    displayname: "{displayname}"

    ## Preset for the Faction Tag
    factiontag: "{factiontag}"

    ## Advanced User Presets
    starthover: "{sh}"
    hovermessage: "{hm}"
    endhover: "{eh}"
    startclickable: "{sc}"
    linkurl: "{lu}"
    quicktype: "{qt}"
    endclickable: "{ec}"
    startcommand: "{scm}"
    executecommand: "{exm}"
    endcommand: "{ec}"

    ## Custom Presets
    ## The tag inside of the chat-format which is being replaced.
    replace-tag: "{mypreset}"
    ## What the replaced tag is being replaced to.
    replace-with: "My Preset"


    An installation will be added to this post in a day or so when the plugin has officially been released and approved on BukkitDev.
  2. How is this better than towny chat or essentials chat?

    I'm asking why would I (as a generic server manager) use this plugin, when I have essentials and towny?

    Just curious, really.
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    At the start (I should have a release ready by today), the minimal features will be available. So we're talking about your permissions, group prefixes and suffixes (as well as users), and color code support (permission node). The majority of the plugin will be customizable at the users will (hence the "Extremely Customizable" feature said of).

    You will be able to customize variables and the chat-format for your users. I am also adding support for clickable messages and hover messages, allowing you to place these clickable and hoverable messages throughout your chat format.

    Clickable Features: RUN_COMMAND, SUGGEST_COMMAND, OPEN_URL (internal minecraft enumerators)
    Hoverable Features: SHOW_TEXT (Item link support will be added later).

    I will also be adding additional features in the future, such as chat channels, advanced user modification (users will have the choice to set their own personal chat colors), in-game configuration editor, support for additional plugins.

    Aswell as more to come, but I'm completing features before planning so much more to add.


    Still, work being completed on the chat system fixing issues, adding new stuff before I release it. The customization is a work in progress, some parts are glitchy but I am taking care of all (we'll see) the issues before giving out the plugin. Please let me know if you have any suggestions, I am all ears.

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    I really like the idea of this plugin. I'm working on a plugin that has similar capabilities, but I am no longer able to keep up. Blackveil sent you a message explaining things.
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    It's kinda already done. I done simillar plugin with friend, but it's a bit complicated plugin.
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    Sup Blackveil. Nice plugin.

    Well, As far as I'm aware, Essentials and Towny don't include hover messages. This plugin allows far more customization. Also, this plugin will run without the need of an API, Unlike EssentialsChat which needs Essentials.jar to operate.
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    can i please help test this plugin i need it really bad and il give you any feed back i have on it :3
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    What's the {ec} in this image for?
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