[WIP] iBank - The Ultimative Bank Plugin for iConomy

Discussion in 'WIP and Development Status' started by Aero96, Mar 1, 2011.

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    [WIP] iBank - The Ultimative Bank Plugin for iConomy

    As the title says I am currently working on a bank plugin. It is in a, to say so, pre pre alpha version. But you can wait for a surprising release date ;)
    Just read the following to get more information about this plugin.


    Finally included
    Work in progress


    Deposit/Withdraw money between own accounts
    Account spec creation
    Account creation
    Account list
    Locked Accounts

    Interest updating for all accounts while player is online

    Credit spec

    Take out credits

    Update cyclus, same as interest

    Transfer every X time between accounts
    Multiple account transfer
    surplus transfering
    online / offline settings
    "be in location" - transfers

    Admin Tools
    Add, remove, edit accounts
    List accounts per user
    Transaction log

    General FAQ

    What does it do?
    iBank simulates a real bank system with accounts, interest, credits and more.
    It is built on top of iConomy and Permissions.

    What are it's dependencies?
    iConomy and Permissions from Nijikokun.

    Detailed information

    Users can have multiple accounts. These accounts store an amount of money from iConomy. Every user has a default account, representing the iConomy account.
    If you open an account, you can choose between different variations of accounts.
    Some of these accounts can be locked for a certain time. In this case you get more interest.
    The administrator can specify these variations.

    Accounts have interest rates between 100% and 0.01%. Interest means that the account gets after a time period some (amount * interest rate) money. The time per period and the interest rate are account variation specific configurable.
    Interest is only calculated when the player is online.

    Users can take out credits. If they do so they have to pay the money back in x periods. They have to pay an amount of (<credit amount> + <credit amount> * <credit interest>) / <number of periods> every period.
    Taking out a credit is exactly the same as making an account. The administrator can also specify variations. Remaining time to next period is only calculated, when the player is online. This stops the "I have to play"-effect.


    MTO - Money transfer order

    You can specify a MTO to transfer money from account A to account B every X time or after X time once. Or when a certain amount X on account A is reached and you want to transfer the surplus of money to account B.
    It can be calculated when the player is online or also when the player is offline. I might support certain locations.
    You can also make an MTO between two users. With this Tool you can do whatever you imagine.

    An example:
    A server admin wants the users to be rewarded for playing. So he uses iBank to transfer every 2 hours played money from a dummy account with infinite money to the default account of every user.

    Another example:
    A deadly cruel server admin wants money for playing time of the players. So he uses iBank to transfer money from their default accounts to his account every played 2 seconds. =D

    Last example:
    A player wants to have only 2000 money on his default account. The rest should go to another account. So he uses iBank MTO to transfer the surplus to his second account.

    You understand, huh? ;)

    Administrative Tools

    Admins can edit accounts and credits of other users.

    Some infos

    ETA: this month
    Current version: 0.0.2
    Version alias: WWNB (works with no boom)

    What do you think?
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    Sounds nice where can i get a tast
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    I´m currently working on a stable version and I will post a TODO List in a few hours, which shows my current progress for version 0.1. I think I will release this build friday or saturday. It´s not a full time job :p
    --- merged: Mar 2, 2011 7:05 PM ---
    Included TODO List and MTO plans
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    This is basically what iConomy already does currently I don't see the point of it, i only see that you have added some things there that could be added but instead of re-creating what already exists like we stated in the thread that we are not trying to do previously, why not just join the core team to add this functionality inside of iConomy?
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    Sure, I can join. I also think it is better this way, so we have one plugin instead of one and another acting like an addon.
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    If You Are Going to Work With iCo, You Should Close This Thread
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