[WIP] Guardian - the final replacement for BB, LogBlock and HawkEye

Discussion in 'WIP and Development Status' started by oliverw92, Aug 27, 2011.

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    May I ask when you think you will be done? :)

    Really looking forward to it!
  2. Once you get the block logging code working reliably enough it would be really nice if we could use it ourselves to both help catch bugs and hopefully get a more consistent plugin than the outdated ones that guardian is replacing. Thanks to you guys for all your hard work btw!
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    I think when we do release the block logging plugin the goal is to make sure everything works well when subject to constant use. If we can get the entry right, then rollback of blocks comes next.
    Then we add exotic stuff, ie sign logging, death logging, chat logging. Then we add the ability to roll all that back.
    Send it to guys like you to test. Add final tweaks. Call it a full beta and release it fully a little while after.
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    i have a question. Plugins like Big Brother, Logblock, Hawkeye and World edit all have one thing in common, they are written in such a way that they cannot log or rollback custom id's from mod. Now you may be saying "what do you mean mods? there are no mods for bukkit!". Well in fact their are. A community called MC Port Central has been porting vanilla mods to bukkit for quite a while, but plugins like the ones previously states cannot "register" the blocks existing. So they do not properly edit, log or roll them back. From what i understand it has something to do with how the plugins are hardcoded to get the information about the blocks from craftbukkit's metadata. Could this pluggin possibly be coded in such a way that it would register, log and rollback custom id's properly?

    Here is some threads from MC Port Central that may be helpful:

    In addition it seems that a java coder for the server "industrial rage" integrates a few plugins they run to work with custom ID's. Maybe you should see how they do it?

    I only suggest this because as mojang is going to be adding modding support soon, i would thing that we are going to see more modded bukkit servers either through mods written just for bukkit, or by them being ported by people like those at MC Port Central. So if your plugin is the only plugin that is able to accommodate for the custom block ID's then it is going to be used alot more, plus its just helpful :)

    If anyone can give me an answer to if this is possible that would be nice.
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    Logblock supports custom id's
    So will we
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    For commands, my question is do you use parameters in a set order, or have a prefix for each parameter.
    For example, WorldEdit uses the 1st method - each command has a set order. (//sphere <material> <size>)
    But logblock uses the latter method, having a tag on each parameter. (/lb rollback, then add other params like p <player>)

    The first way has more memorization but faster commands, and the 2nd vice versa. Which way will "Guardian" be using?

    Edit : I don't know much about coding or anything so pardon me if I sound like an idiot - i'm just a private server host.
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    So then if i used logblock right now as it is, and i place a pipe with Buildcraft i can rollback that placement of that pipe and then undo the rollback and it will appear again as the PROPER pipe? because as many people well know, mods store extra block id's in damage values.
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    It should.
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    if there is an working dev.build, I want to help you testing, bugreporting etc.
    Have the option to set up 1-2 online Testservers only for this.

    On hmod I used LogBlock and BigBrother (it was very small on hMod, perfect for monitoring only new users),
    since CraftBukkit I used only BB, since Hawk I'm using Hawk and BB together on our Server!
    (because both have some strengt and weakness)

    In short, I've got experience with all 3 plugins, 2 of them since hMod.
    So it would be very nice, if you contact me for testing. Can't wait for Guardian ;)
    With kind regards from germany.
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    1000th reply, woot. :)
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    Shame you wasted it ;)
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    Lol he missed, xD he's 1001.
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    The first topic is #1 so the 1000th reply is 1001 ;)
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    1000th post in this thread ;)
    But, whatever, back to topic.
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    Can't wait for this one to come out. Logblock is all but useless right now; it gives tons of errors and only rolls back maybe 1/3 of a griefer's damage.

    Edit: I had some queuing issues, so LB wasn't logging everything. I could only see the issue when trying to rollback, for some reason.
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    No, logblock rolled 4 million edits back for me (Creative Hack), 0 errors, well except the rotation of stairs but you need to edit the consumer stuff in its config, godly plugin. I went from bigbrother, to logblock to hawkeye, back to logblock. Used them all for at least 3 months. All good, equally to me.
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    Thats a id - 10 - t error on your behalf.

    I have been using logblock for 6 months. I have NEVER had a issue with it, other then the time we blew up 1,000,000 blocks of tnt to test the server stability. Other then the fact it took a hour for it to process the millions of block edits. It has worked perfectly.

    Very large rollbacks can take a min sometimes, But, im talking about thousands of blocks.

    Although, searching for changes is going slow for me, Its not the plugins fault, Its my fault for storing EVERY block change for the last 6 months on my server. My database is huge. That is my fault.

    But, Yea, There is nothing at all wrong with logblock. It gets frequently updated, It hardly ever has errors, The syntax of the commands is very easy to use, AND, you can even make a webui to use with it if you please.

    Try typing in the proper rollback commands. Im going to take a guess and say 3 griefers griefed and you only rolled back one of them.
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    I keep mine for 12 months. Just in case !
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    Will Guardian log trampling crops and destroying crops with water?
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    I don't actually see the need for it, to be honest. If many people want it then I guess I will add the required stuff to Bukkit.
  22. Seems I forgot to write down all those who wanted to help with JS / PHP

    If there is anyone interested in making a pretty little download page for us please let md_5 know!
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    Well, the problem I had on my server was that people know that torches broken with water won't be logged, so that is all they do. For it to be effective it has to log literally everything.
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    IS there any way to get access to some dev builds I'd love to test this out.
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    Is your child/parent logging schema to chain events together going to solve the "who the hell lit off all this TNT" problem? As in, when I check a block and it says "Environment: Explosion" will Guardian be able to trace that back through the table to the user igniting the TNT?
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    Yay! I got mentioned!

    Whenever you guys are ready, shoot me a message and I'll crank out some serious code.

    (Watching Thread)
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    So is there an ETA?
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    I like the name, sounds great. Like in a list of plugins I'd really standout
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    Will this also do WorldEdit lava the biggest grief
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