[WIP] Guardian - the final replacement for BB, LogBlock and HawkEye

Discussion in 'WIP and Development Status' started by oliverw92, Aug 27, 2011.

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    Well personally I have no need for a seperate command layer, just thought it would allow to use simpler or even more flexible command structures on top of the logging functionality and would allow 3rd party plugins/website to use the middle instead of the top layer.

    If you decide to abstract the data handling enough to make the use of nosql databases possible, I will be happy to take a look for possible incompatibilities in your API and will probably contribute a MongoDB adapter later (Too many other plans to contribute more).

    To be honest, I had an event logger on my todo list, which may be possible with custom LogBlawk logs (like player joins a town, a plot gets sold and so on).
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    Sounds awesome :D. For this new version I would like to see dynamic action types. Maybe have the plugin register new action types, which can then appear on the web interface, rather than bunching all non-default actions into the "other" category.
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    Hm, sounds good. I think we can reserve a range in action list for custom actions.
    We'd need to keep track of these, to avoid collisions.
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    This is my reaction exactly. :p
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    Godlike indeed, shame Citizens isn't alone anymore though. Time for CitiNPC? :p

    How about simply naming it rollback? If you're trying to set a new standard, may as well take the first name coming to mind :p
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    Possible Idea for a Player Lookup?

    like say

    /LB lookup Olat t:4h

    would return a page system and ammount / # of changes mage by that player
    Olat has changed 5290 blocks in the last 4 hours:
    Pg 1/10 displaying 1-1000
    Olat broke diamondore at 10:20:30
    Olat broke diamondore at 10:20:35
    Olat broke diamondore at 10:20:40
    Olat broke stone at 10:22:20
    Olat broke stone at 10:22:23
    Olat broke stone at 10:22:26
    Olat broke stone at 10:22:29
    Olat broke goldore at 10:23:20

    Etc etc.. Then I can be look.. Oh look hes ONLY breaking Precious Metals.. Easy detection of Xray.. /ban Olat
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    Cosmic Break

    i used logblock, didnt like it, i used bigbrother, loved it but it became a hassle after a while since it didnt get frequent RB's out and got outdated. im not using hawkeye and love it because of the web interface. its not as powerful as bigbrother, which could rollback the flowed part of lava and water if they because a source, but thats fine. or any thing that happened as a result of something else that is able to be rolledback.

    also love the web interface that hawkeye has.
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    Thank you!
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    Sounds great and look forward to a unified logging plugin. The only thing that worries me is the command scheme. Personally I think the way params are used with Log Block are an excellent idea, make sense, easy to remember, and fast to execute. Using colons and hyphens in various plugins have always been just plain bothersome. I say take lead on what @DiddiZ has done with his scheme and go from that.

    Additionally, I'd think some of us would like to see some sort of Spout usage. I'm not a coder and would be lying if I said I fully understood every bit of Spout's capabilities. Using Spoutcraft to have an in game gui for preforming various actions is certainly something I'd <3 to have.

    As for the name of your plugin, if all three (major) plugins are working to create this unified plugin, wouldn't it be safe to say you can use any of the three plugin's names? BigBrother hit the nail on the head for the perfect logging/rb/etc plugin name. LogBlock implies that you're logging blocks of course, but from the name alone, not much more. HawkEye implies nearly the same as the BigBrother, you're above everyone and see everything. However, BigBrother implies that you see, hear, (control), and can change every thing that happens. BigBrother as a phrase on it's own is widely known and definitely sticks out the most. Combing the three names is dumb, don't do that. It looks and sounds corny lol.

    Lastly, I just clicked watch thread. :)
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    Cosmic Break

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    Collin Day

    Just a rather silly artsy idea, but it would be fun to have a server do a high-speed build of itself based off the SQL db. Fun to watch it build itself around you.
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    Awesome! I've always thought your plugins were well-made; this should be good
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    Year, some like it and some not at all :D
    So the best we can do is a hybrid system that supports both (most user-friendly anyway). We need to figure out if we can have both syntaxes at the same time, or you have to choose your preferred in the config.
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    My trousers cannot contain the win going on here.
    This will be, by far, the best plugin made by the best people. I eagerly await beta testing this. Makes me want to invite griefers.
    My only requested feature is WorldEdit command logging, but considering HawkEye will have that soon, I need not worry.
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    I think it is definite that we will be doing an abstract data handling system. It will always be better in the long run

    Reserving a range is a bad idea - what happens if that range gets overflowed.

    Did you see in the schema what I came up with? There is a sub table for actions from other plugins. In my opinion that is the best solution because it is infinite scalable and doesn't require complex registering systems.

    That is a good idea for a /lb summary <parameters> command, I like it!

    As DiddiZ said, we are going to try and merge the two. The issue with the LogBlock system is it gets very confusing and hard to process when you start adding in lots of options. We will be looking into Spout.

    That would be the job of another plugin using our API, really


    WorldEdit command logging can be done by simply ignoring the cancelled state on command events. NO idea why WE does that...
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    That's better, right
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    @DiddiZ just did this UML diagram:

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    This is the best idea since bukkit perms. :D
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    Nice :D

    There is missing clearlog
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    I called it CleanseUtil
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    Anyway, it has to be callable trough commands
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    Be sure to let me know if you want a high population production server to test this on. We dont do rollbacks for players, so it failing to function as intended is of little consequence to me. You know about my bug reporting so, let me know if I can help.
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    Thanks for the offer! I'll let you know if we need any help :)
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    Wow I can't believe that all of you (the developers) were competitors until now...

    I can see that's it will be the BEST plugin ever, with all the knowledge that you had until now and etc...

    Do you know how much time this will take until you release stable version? I am really waiting for this! :D
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    No, but expect about a month at least :D
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    Whoa, have a good luck with this! :D
    If you wan't, I'll help in any way that's I can [beta tester? ;) ]
    And again, have a good luck :)
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    Woop new awesome plugin! Good luck guys! :D
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    Thoughts about database bridge:
    I think best would be to have 3 methods:
    List<DataEntry> getEntries(Params params)
    void delEntries(Params params)
    void insertEntries(Queue <DataEntry>)

    I'm missing a params class in your diagram (or I didn't got your callback system right, please a short explanation then :D)
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    Not sure if it has been said already, but I would like to see the block tool behave like it used to in BB. so you could type "/bb log" and you would be given a log replacing what ever was in your hand and "/bb done" to take the log away and put what ever the item was back.

    I found this to be really good as it let me switch between admin mode and playing mode with very little messing about.

    The procedure now with LogBlock to see who broke a window is "/i 7 1" -> *arrange inventory to get bedrock in hand* -> *click* -> *find somewhere to throw bedrock* -> *rearrange inventory again to get original item back*

    With the old BB system there is no need for all this manual messing about, although it does introduce an item dupe, personally I don't care abotu that as my mods have access to /i anyway but it would be easy enough to make configurable.
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    HawkEye already has this so I take it for granted it'l be here.

    Better, in fact, instead of using a stick AND a log, it uses a single log. :) /he tool
    /he tool again to remove. :)
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