[WIP] Guardian - the final replacement for BB, LogBlock and HawkEye

Discussion in 'WIP and Development Status' started by oliverw92, Aug 27, 2011.

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    Unless you're running some sort of redstone plugin, I see no other use for it. Bedrock on the other hand is sometimes used by admins to build (ugly) looking admin buildings. I actually used to use bedrock as the LB block mainly to cut down on the number of these. lol
    But yeah, oliverw92's point about accidentally placing it is why I changed it to redstone ore.
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    Well, you does it really matter? I mean, it would be just as easy to install a super pick plugin to delete your mistakes.
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    yeh i agree, the op on my server have superpick, so anyone who would have guardian enabled would be able to break the bedrock.

    also will we still be able to set up so that only certain ppl can actually do a rollback, i dont trust everyone with it and have had problems with my ops typing in the wrong command, rolling back all kindsa stuff, logging out not knowing what they did, so we could not undo the rollback.
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    Great idea, I will switch to this when it has a finished and stable build. I will keep BigBrother for 72 hrs after I get this tho that way I can keep it logging :D Great work. I was so sad when BigBrother died D:. Thanks for making this plugin :D
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    Are you guys going to have beta/nightly builds before the full, polished release? I wanna test this out pretty badly.
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    Think so, will need lots of testing :D
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    I can donate all of the players on my server as test subjects. ;)
  8. I'm already using Jenkins to build it.
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    You know it won't even work right? There is no functional code in there for doing anything, just a framework
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    I just wondered, a serious issue has been some times where my server was griefed, it was with water and lava, and it only logs "Waterflow" and "Lavaflow" (im using logblock), but with Guardian, will it also be logged WHO "started" that water/lavaflow or is that impossible ?
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    It is a very complicated problem. BigBrother got halfway there but it still wasn't perfect and it was VERY resource intensive AFAIK.
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    Everything doesnt have to be perfect ;)

    Oh, right :S Perhaps some experimenting once guardian is released :p ?
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    It might be possible due to our parent-child database structure. Will have to see
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    Cool ! :D
    I know this may be a common question, and you may not answer because youre tired of it, but when do you think that the Plugin will be ready ?
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    Where can I find the src for this plugin right now?
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    Kudos to all of you for taking this project on. I've only been using LogBlock for a few days now, but it's already proven invaluable and reduced griefing to zero.

    The one thing I don't see (or can't find) with LogBlock how to log blocks modified by WorldEdit. Can that be integrated into this merged plugin?

    Thanks for everyone's work on this!
  18. Yes. I was just testing out Jenkins awhile back and decided to try this.
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    Not necessarily all people with LogBlock will have superpick.
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    Make it a record? :D
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    It's like

    "Griefer enters the server"

    (Griefer breaks blocks, opens chests and places blocks)

    "Griefer logged off"

    If you dont want to see where he/she griefed it, type /g griefer tracks (how much time the griefer was in the server here)

    It will show this

    Griefer's tracks

    Broke Stone placed Obsidian (time here)

    Opened (namehere)'s chest, removed (items here) (time here)

    ----------------(new name for the plugin here)----------------------------

    Can i also suggest a new name for the plugin?

    Why not:





    Those are my ideas for the new plugin c:

    Good luck to




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    like /lb player griefer ?
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    When will this project be finished and will you be able to convert Databases from LogBlock or HawkEye to Guardian?
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    Somewhere in the future and yes :D
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    Yes something like that!
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    sorry i kow i can't say something useable but :
    OMG ? when this plugin is really going to works then ... ♥♥♥ :D I love you all for this, because i have big problems with griefers so if htis plugin works griefers have no chance ^^ nice
    Here a few ideas:
    -propably something that bans the griefer imediatly when he try to grief it
    -a user profile where every block change is registered just for this user

    so, my ideas are nothing but this plugin is awesome !!!
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    Will there be a real undo instead of just redo? Because some things may go unlogged and then redo is not the same as undoing a rollback.
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    I would suggest presets in the web interface, so people can select common things via a dropdown ("Lava Buckets used in the past 12 hours") etc. It would be nice to be able to define new presets too.
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