[WIP] Guardian - the final replacement for BB, LogBlock and HawkEye

Discussion in 'WIP and Development Status' started by oliverw92, Aug 27, 2011.

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    any updates on the status of this plugin's development?
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    I really wanna participate in this :(. But I don't got a reply on my past-application for this for web designer(s)
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    This is going to be so awesome guys, thank you very much.

    My wish list: (based upon my experience with logblock)
    • /lb writelogfile [params] with option to immediately download the file without having direct server access.
    • A gui similar to worldedit client side to highlight area to query or rollback.
    A couple of us have just started a new server (1.81) and are wondering if we should install lb or wait for guardian. Will the change over from lb to guardian be painless??
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    Why not the name be


    If it isnt taken :/

    Oh and why not a command

    /ng track

    It tracks the guys/girls who entered your house.

    And you need WorldEdit for that.

    Good job guys!
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    i would like to help how i can but only know basic php so unless i can learn as i go cant reli help
  6. Would it be possible to create a plugin which allows 'Time Travel' by creating a temp clone world with the logged changes up to a certain time (sort-of like a rollback).

    I think it would be awesome to be able to climb in a Tardis and travel a week into the past, or travel into the future where everything is blown up.
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    There's a plugin to do this already (OwnBlocks) although I've never used it, as having to run a SQL query synchronously on every block break obviously has performance limitations.

    On a server with lots of memory (looking jealously at those of you out there w/ the 16/32G servers), it would be possible to do something like OwnBlocks but in resident memory for performance. Done right, you could even index and store by chunk and thereby only keep block ownership associated with active chunks in memory, and chunk indexing would allow for fast loading when chunks come into memory.

    That said, I really think that belongs as it's own plugin and I wouldn't want the Guardian devs burning cycles trying to build that capability into this plugin. The structure/query profile of such functionality is very different than the structure/query profile for a block history plugin like Guardian.
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    Sir, can you just make like bigbrother? The command and how we check it, the system how it work not a problem if not same but please make it same like bigbrother the command and how we check it.
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    Morganm I completely understand that, many don't have hardware like this around, and I hope someone makes an external plugin that works with Guardian.

    From a logblock point of view I would check the database for the player id that created the block verses the id of the person breaking it and if it's not equal to it, it won't break. I know it's not simple to code, not like anything is, but this may be a place to start if someone can't make it.
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    Why not..


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    This times a million. I let most of my users have WorldEdit, and one went into my cobblestone-built town and typed //removenear cobble 100. He then claims it crashed before he could //undo.
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    Has coding on this plugin started? IF so, is it going to be open source, and where is the repository?
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    Celtic Minstrel

    The repository is on github. It was linked earlier in the thread somewhere.
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    I can do this.

    Contact me at: http://scr.im/sebzim
    EDIT: I know JS/JQUERY/JSON very well, (knowing JSON very well isn't that impressive) and I know PHP pretty well. I don't really understand what you mean by JSON link to the minecraft server, but I'm sure I could do that.​

    EDIT2: I have some bukkit/java experience, if that helps.
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    It would, exept sign texts, paintings and chest contents, but yes :D

    As oliverw92 is very busy now, I try to implement some of the features to LB. When they are coded somewhere it's easer to copy later. Guardian is heavily based on the scheme oliverw92 came up with, which I'm not very familar with.
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    Yeah I'm sorry guys in a week or two I might have more time, but no promises :(
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    /g (namehere) track (ex. 1hour)
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    What would you want that to do?
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    Celtic Minstrel

    Why not those three?
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    Because you can only simulate single block changes for individual players - you can't change block properties etc - the only thing you can do is Player.sendBlockChange()
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    Celtic Minstrel

    But they were talking about making an entirely new world mirroring the past state...
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    Oh my bad, missed that. That would be a pretty resource intensive thing to do - you would have to duplicate the world in its current state, then pull every single change from the database up to that point (probably causing a ram overflow) then apply them synchronously.

    @DiddiZ was just having a look through the github. Is there really a need to have a tool and a tool block? It is much simpler to just have one tool that does both, even if you are allowing people to create multiple tools in the end.
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    Many server admins prefer to have the woodpickaxe for all, and the bedrock for mods, especially to avoid block cheating, the pickaxe is simply craftable.

    So it's not necessary, but a good default.
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    I was going to ask you about that actually - is bedrock really the best thing for us to be using as a default? Main concern is when people use it and forget to enable tool mode - they end up placing bedrock and might not be able to remove it.
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    Celtic Minstrel

    Well yes, it would be pretty intensive, but that's what the person was talking about.

    By the way you can fake signs/paintings/chest contents; there's just no API for it at the moment.
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    As there is an option to have tools default enabled, this shouldn't happen.

    The block may be discussed, but there aren't much alternatives, like sponges and locked chests.
    I doubt that locked chests will persist forever and they may get replace by another block in future.
    There are some plugins using sponges, I alredy saw servers using sponges as a kind of currency :D
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    The Wizard

    Please make a command/button on the website to remove searched entries (without rollback). I want to use this plugin also for statistics and I don't want to have cheaters in statistics...

    And if you can, I want to be able to place the tool in mid air to search for removed blocks.

    Also if you will use bedrock as tool make sure admins won't be able to place it (just use it to search).
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    We use redstone ore on our server. Just a suggestion, as I'm guessing there are several plugins that use that too.
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    Ha, funny. I chose redstone ore as my LogBlock toolblock as well. :)
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