[WIP] Guardian - the final replacement for BB, LogBlock and HawkEye

Discussion in 'WIP and Development Status' started by oliverw92, Aug 27, 2011.

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    What kind of LAN party?
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    A Local Area Network party
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    I guess he wanted to ask what kind of games :D
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    Lol, that is what I meant, I know what LAN means, I'm majoring in computer science at my college, though I plan to transfer to a new college at some point.

    I thought I'd ask since I too have a weekly, but smaller, LAN party amongst friends, mostly halo reach with our own game types. So far, the top favorite is the assassination only game play. Just sprinting around with 230% movement making things funny to watch.

    Anyways, on topic, my friends and I are looking forward to the release of Guardian, we've had to lock down our server since BB is half way working and logblock is still confusing my MODS lol.
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    Did someone ask for a java GUI expert? I can definitely code a java GUI front end for this, although the backend would get a little tricky for me as I haven't messed around with database storage as much. Here are some links to examples of my work:
    Minecraft Jar switcher
    CanaryMod Skeleton Plugin Creator

    PM me if you are interested.
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    Omg I want this! (You should release it the day MineCraft comes out)!
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    Sent oliverw92 a PM.

    Basically, I'm a web designer/developer who'd like to build and design your PHP backend. Let me know if you're interested
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    I actually love the name Guardian (Defo don't add the "The"), and i like it better then BigBrother/Logblock/HawkEye. But that's just my preference :)

    And i'm excited for this to be released :D
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    I can't believe I over looked this link in the LogBlock thread. It's great to see developers working together to make a bigger and better plugin. It will mean more compatibility for other plugins and more eyes to notice problems within the code before it is release in the wild. It's been a long time since I've seen a developer team actually use a diagram like that, brings back old memories, but it's well thought out and it seems like everything will fall into place for you guys. Coding is not easy for some, but once you start it's like a drug you can't stop.

    I have an idea for your plugin or for someone else to make an add-on to Guardian. What if you could protect blocks placed by players so that griefers can't break into another players structure or area. We currently use Lockette to protect our doors and chests, but you know even after explaining to people how to protect their stuff they may only protect their doors and think they're safe. Then after they get back the next day they wonder who jacked them when their door was locked. I don't mind the extra work of hunting down griefers, in a way it's fun, but it would save a lot of time if we could just lock them out completely.

    Now this would require that so long as the last entry in the database was a "Created <block>" (LogBlock log) it would lock it automatically after importing an old database form the old system. Afterwards the only players that can destroy it is the player who made it or a user/op (op would to be an option in the config) that has permission to do so.

    Can't wait to test Guardian out when it's released.

    Thanks ahead of time,
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    For stuff like this you should checkout worldguard ;)
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    I tried this out a while ago (back in May), but we kept getting errors even with only the basics. This was on a test server with the exact same setup as our main server, after a week of testing and editing we notice that it was 2 plugins conflicting with it. One was a major plugin we needed and have been using for ages since it's an all in one. I like to keep the number of plugins low on the server so that there aren't any conflicts.

    It's I just want to protect the blocks that our users place, not so much a region.
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    impliment a chest/door/furnace locking system. that would make it the ultimate anti-grief plugin
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    Basically the idea is great, but I worry about performance. I think it can work, assumed local MySQL server and enough free cpu and mem capacity.
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    @DiddiZ @DragonMasterNYC This seems like it should be a module plugin and not a core feature because of it's nature.
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    I don't know if it has been mentioned in the past 14 pages but I love how log block has the rollback features and everything. I was wondering is it possible to logblock to track and have the ability to rollback world edit commands? I'm sure everyone here knows that when you have someone on your server whether they've hacked or somehow gotten permission the first thing they do is try to destroy the world with world edit. I realize world edit has undo features but that doesn't help an admin trying to stop or rollback said grief. If this is at all possible that would be amazing, however I don't know what ya'll are capable of doing.
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    Can't wait, keep us updated! Might have to throw you guys a bone in the form of a donation once this nears completion. :)
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    Please optimize this new plugin it has been eating the memory! I upgraded my memory two times and it's still eating it all and leaving me only 50MB of memory!
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    How can a non-released plugin do such a thing? :confused:
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    Interesting question
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    God.... the intellect that went into this post. Just wow.
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    Any idea when this will be released?? Opening my server soon and waiting for this to be ready.
  24. use hawkeye
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    Well, obviously there is a memory issue...:rolleyes: :p
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    I know it's a few days after the fact, but:
    I wouldn't want my idea to bog down a server or network, but like I always say there is a solution to every problem. Even if this mean I can't do it myself, I should have never stopped coding years ago.

    Like I said in my previous post it doesn't have to be a core feature, but like all great plugins there will be modules for it.

    Take care
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    Depending on when you find your PHP expert, I might be able to offer my services, but that won't be until springtime - soonest.
    I'm studying on a university now to become a webdesigner, and I'm mostly interested in PHP, but will know some javascript/Jquery amongst other stuff too.
    Unless you have found yourselves someone at that time (wich I'm sure you have though), I could be able to help out :)
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    Is there any eta's for this? Thanks
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    Just doing my check backs to see whats happend with this plugin in the last month.

    I have used LB for some time now and cant wait for the release of this! Keep up the good work :)
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    I love BigBrother for its simplicity of rolling back and NEVER missing even 1 block, I don't like how it only shows you with the log and dose nothing much more. I LOVE LogBlock for everything! It is perfect! Super Duper job! BUT it drops so many edits, here is an example, Rolled back player 32/642 Edits! Would you like to delete the logs? Or something like that. It was killing my server, but I could find a grief miles away almost instantly. I just want Logblock but with bigbrother persistence. I'm using hawk eye right now, similar to LogBlock but not as good for finding things. With LB simple, /lb block 57 and all edits to that are shown. /lb tp destroyed block 57 Bam, I love it so much, but when you use the rollback and it clears 5 out of every 20 blocks it seems. The HawkEye misses 1 out of every 70 blocks from what it seams, not as easy to find griefs and all that nice stuff. So here is an idea, Use BigBrothers Rollback Style, LogBlocks simple params system (Love sel param) and the Hawkeye is no different from LB really except it misses far less blocks. But notice, all 3 of them have fails, but they also have upsides. Make this have 3 upsides and 0 fails. But I thank you for all the plugins and hard work into them! (I would donate if I could!)
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