[WIP] Guardian - the final replacement for BB, LogBlock and HawkEye

Discussion in 'WIP and Development Status' started by oliverw92, Aug 27, 2011.

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    undo-rollback, rollbackrollback?
    rollforward? :D
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    Or should I better fork LB webstats?
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    When will it be release? like next week or some few more months?
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    Seriously? Can't scroll up a few posts to find an answer?
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    here are few suggestions: modify, process, handle, treat, revise, arrange;
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    would it be possible to make a way that the server admins when they ban griefers and stuff they can add something extra to make every thing that the griefer placed and destroyed reload so the blocks the person placed would be destroyed and the blocks the person mined would reappear
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    They already have this it's called a 'Rollback'
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    Flames' suggestions are good but world restore, restoration, recover, recovery could work too --- depending on the context.
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    I should have mentioned the context :D
    It's about intern code stuff, the package for these classes.
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    Really wish I could help with this >_< let me know if you're looking for financial support at any time!
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    Will the inventory of griefers get rollbacked aswell ?
    Or what about clearing their inventory ?
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    Planned :D
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    Are you going to change the way you store coordinates, or at least automatically update the field when needed? Allowing the plugin to crash, and potentially cause massive server issues is not really a sound way of handling it.
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    So the end of October is the time frame you are aiming at for release?
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    I'm looking forward to the release. I'm still using a old version of BigBrother because I can't set my server to use MySQL. I'm renting a host and they don't do MySQL, and linking to a 3rd party MySQL doesn't seem to work. So I've been relying on Flat and H2 files.
    All the plugins on my server work just fine that way since about April when I started up.

    Is Guardian going to allow alternatives other than MySQL?
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    At least postgres and h2 are planned.
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    hi, i want to say this, i am no programmer, but can you make an easy to use interface with spout, that way, it would be easier and you can add things that normally you couldnt do, and you dont have to use a lot of commands
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    Celtic Minstrel

    Something like this should not require Spout, rendering your second argument irrelevant. I think a Spout interface to this would be better as a separate plugin, personally.
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  19. yay, a spout interface! i'm looking forward to all this :D
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    Will this plugin also log changes made with WorldEdit?
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    When it is published?
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    Will this support SQLite? My server is fairly small ~8 players online max, but I still like being able to find who has griefed, and MYSQL seems overkill for it. Or is there a better alternative?
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    It probably wont' ship with it, but with their system you will be able to add features to it with other plugins, one of those is different database management systems, and that means someone will make an SQLite module
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    Will this plugin require a time param like LogBlock does? Or if it does, will there be something that will have the plugin search all database entries? I really hate the time param, and wish I didn't have to use it (like with bigbrother). Maybe its there for a reason that I don't know about. By the way, this plugin looks awesome! :D
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    Celtic Minstrel

    Even for only 8 players, SQLite is probably not a great choice. If you don't want the hassle of having a separate SQL server, you could try the h2 database, which I believe they are going to support right out of the box.
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    How's the progress coming with Guardian? Most anticipated plugin ever for me.

    Request: Notifications from LogBlock are amazing (especially for commands). We currently use Hawkeye, the command syntax is very very fluid and the web interface is amazing. Combined with the custom notifies I would be happy with just that!

    God speed on this project, can't wait.
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    You can disable it by setting lookup.defaultTime to 999d
    That's what it should should look like at the end :D
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    Hey guys sorry I haven't been very active. Uni has started again and I have 3 websites to finish in the space of 2 weeks as well as organising a 130 person LAN party for the end of the month.
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