[WIP] Guardian - the final replacement for BB, LogBlock and HawkEye

Discussion in 'WIP and Development Status' started by oliverw92, Aug 27, 2011.

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    Celtic Minstrel

    That does not qualify as "doing things incorrectly".
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    Nick Lozon

  3. hum, how far is the progress?
    (if i may ask?)
    and is it able to rollback, worldedit changes? (cuboid?)
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    Just showing my support, amazing work can't wait for it
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    Whatever. It's good style to capitalize class names, correct?
  6. I loved bb's simplicity, if you could carry this across,
    This would be the best thing since sliced bread
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    I can be the PHP/Javascript/JQuery/JSON expert. I really do know all of that pretty well. I've created quite a few PHP projects. I'm pretty sure that I can do this part. Any special requirements? I do have quite a bit of time.
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    Celtic Minstrel

    It's not even really a matter of good style. It's just recommended convention; not doing so is not an automatic sign of bad style.
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    Seconded. On my server, a lot of my friends have WE, and occasionally it gets used for griefing.
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    Nick Lozon

    I will love to contribute to this project when it gets an official repository and issue tracker!
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    I'd like to see an old feature implemented. Back when BigBrother was running on hey0mod there was a feature to have player activity emailed to you on an hourly or daily basis. I'd like to see that added, since it made keeping an eye on everyone who was online VERY EASY. With the current BigBrother I would have to manually read through EVERY text file generated for each user, just to make sure they were behaving. A lot of griefing slips through the cracks completely unnoticed until it is far too late.
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    Well, I think we've got the team to build the core, so not sure atm.
    Contributions are always accepted.
    Interesting idea.
    We need a list of Guardian plugins :D
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    Oh :(
    You guys got the web designer and stuff already? D:
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    So how is the progress on this plugin? I'd much rather use it than BB.
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    Celtic Minstrel

    I believe the current BigBrother developer is their web guy. I'd say the name, but it's too hard to spell.
  17. Any idea when this plugin will be released yet? :D?
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    Celtic Minstrel

    I'd give them at least a month, so... maybe November? That's a wild guess really, so don't come back in November and ask why it's not released.
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    Cosmic Break

    So my post asking about the current status of this plugin got deleted... real mature you guys.
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    Huh? Don't think we did that.
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    How's the currest dev status?

    Possible to log changes on Noteblocks and Repeaters?
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    Aside from all the tech details, I have a few name suggestions (that is, if you are still looking for one, the first post says so).

    Logblock is discriptive, it does what it says, logging blocks.
    Bigbrother highlights the creepy part, you're never alone, something is watching you.
    Hawkeye, never heard of it untill I found this thread, but it suggests something that watches very closely.

    So I was thinking, an 'all-seeing eye'... a 'God's eye' sort of speak (just ignore any religious intonation).

    Eye of Horus, short: 'Horus' my personal favorite, ancient Egyptian symbol of protection (and it will get you an awesome logo as well)
    Helix Nebula; a nubula shaped as an eye, nicknamed God's eye
    Ojo de Dios; short: 'Ojo' (eye); symbol of the power of seeing and understanding that which is unknown
    Eye of Providence, short: 'Providence' the all-seeing eye (the pyramid eye thingy, known from conspiracy dudes)

    It might be a bit to far fedged, but I really like 'Horus'.

    Logging every noteblock reconfiguration...? or it will have to include a timer that only logs noteblock changes over say... 5 seconds, like 'X changes tone A to E', in stead of a spam of X changes tone A to B, B to C, C to D, D to E (and dont forget the timestamp for every entry...)

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    Log one hit, after 20-60 secs next hit, is ok.
    Same on Repeaters. Only to find some nasty users.
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    has "Pail GUI Support" already been said?
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    Sounds great and easy to implement.
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    I hate faggs remaking every plugin, with arguments like. This one has what this and that plugin does.
    And just remaking it till there are 20 of them. Same with Logshit.

    But this plugin, really is different. And WAY better. I like all the features coming up!
    Sounds good!
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    may i suggest a feature, add some more events to logging (i just read the event logging list on first page so sorry if already planned) like mob kills and deaths, pvp deaths, blocks walked. since it logs already a huge amount of events, this wont hurt in performance but allows in combination with the webui a detailed statistics output. and using both a griefing logger and a statistics logger side by side would be not needed anymore.
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    Altough this was one month aggo, there is allready a plugin that makes you able to report people.
    Its very handy you just write bassicaly /report <name of the player you want to report> <Reason>
    Very simple huh :p

    Well I don't think deaths are too important?
    I think the most important things to log are the things that make you able to grief stuff.
    like Tools, Lava, Water, Buckets these things.
    Deaths, pvp kills, monster kills aren't important and would after all just flood the entire log if you have about 100 + players or 50+ lol.

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    indeed, you are right, its not important, its just nice to have. look a statistic plugin would do it also, so we have two plugins that do mostly the same, the difference would just be the usage of the database, the one for degrief the other for simple formatted output. so why not log everything, or maybe optional like "logstatsalso: true" so we have one database and one logger running there.
    the point is, those events are logged anyway, few more or less doesnt hurt, but another, statistics only plugin would again log a big part of the events guardian already does. dont know, just a suggestion. i am not deep enough in the matter to see if this would be a massive ressource hog :)
    thanks for answering

    edit: oh and indeed, the flood needs more hardware resources, but 100+ player servers have such hardware resources, small servers that may be not have big hardware, also dont have 100+ players, so this is kind of proportional i think
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    When will this plugin be out im really exiting :D
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