[WIP] GlobalBans - Another Global Banning System, Thoughts / Suggestions Needed.

Discussion in 'WIP and Development Status' started by Jacek, Jan 14, 2012.

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    Another thing being, will you allow offline servers to have global bans? Being offline means they are prone to hacks, exploits etc very easily.
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    The plugin will disable itself for a server not in online mode. It could easily be modified by someone not to do this, but then again someone could easily send fake POST data to the API.

    It does, I PMed you :)

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    Not sure if somebody asked about that already, too lazy to scan the whole thread, but MySQL Database- Entries can be faked - what if somebody fakes a huge grief by adding tons of entries into the DB and your automatic system analyzes them as a heavy grief?

    Otherwise, really awesome concept.
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    It has already been mentioned ;) Hopefully if that happens the player will be able to appeal, if they are accusing the admin of faking the data then it would have to be up to one of the team members (just me at the moment) to decide what happened, there is no way around having to give that job to somebody. I would ask for the full data set from the admin, if it was that they had just edit the database it should be pretty easy to tell from the data since the player would most likely be either breaking huge cube areas or blocks that are too far apart to actually be moved between. If it was really obvious that the data was faked the server would be removed from the system and the players ban removed. If it was hard to tell then I guess it would be up to the admin if they were willing to make the ban local only. Assuming we have a lot of data we can also look at the players history as well as that of the server.

    Ultimately it will be very hard to stop this happening, but the gain that you would get out of it for the amount of effort it would take would not make it worth it in my eyes at least. It's not completely illogical to assume that most people would see it the same way meaning that a very small percentage of the total bans will be fraudulent. Statistically this will mean that while it may be a pain if that player wants to go back on that server, they will not be affected from getting on to other servers. Which is exactly the same as if the system didn’t exist at all and the admin just randomly banned someone.
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    Don Redhorse

    well normally all global systems require proof... mostly a video or similar... so I guess your idea is quite ok.

    what I would like to see though is something which provides me with some different levels of protection.

    level one: no admin or moderator online.... kick anybody joining on the ban list, make a log entry in the logs
    level two: admin or moderators online... let people join on the ban list, but put them in a guest group and send a message to the admins and moderators with a reason for the ban.

    in level two the admin could than decide on banning the player also from the server. make that the default behaviour.

    add to that a server group feature which would be also optional but allow server admins to trust other servers more...

    so you would also have 2 levels of servers..

    global list and group list... you could than also give this lists a default behaviour like if in group list always ban, if in global do level one and two...
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    Wow, a video ! That seems a little impractical ! "Can you keep fly hacking while I install fraps ?" ;)

    That is actually already planned, I just forgot to mention it ;) Players with "globalbans.alert.onjoin" will be shown a summery of any bans the player has (if any) or somethign along those lines anyway.

    I see the point of that for something where no evidence is collected like MCBans, but the idea is that at least 90% of the bans will be trustworthy. Plus how many server actually have other trusted server :s

    Still, there is no harm in it so I guess it's on the list ;)

    How does this sound ?

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    Don Redhorse


    concerning video proof...

    take a look at http://www.steambans.com for video (demo) proof and http://www.sourcebans.net

    both systems are quite good and successfull and perhaps give you a better idea.

    unfortunalty there is no "demo" system in minecraft... hmm.....
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    I guess most games don't have the same level of player logging mods that Minecraft does.

    The shared ban list thing makes more sense though, still, for a Minecraft server how many other servers are they likely to run. For source games, they are more likely to have a lot of servers for different games.
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    I did a p2p banning system a while back (aznbans) which required no external website and you just synced up your bans with servers you trusted.

    Of course this does limit the whole global bans thing, and is probably better across a network of servers, but still...
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    woah woah woah hold on here..
    Before I start my little rant I'll let you know that I have switched from MCBans and I plan on getting this when it's out. But as for my rant...

    It's really hard to see how good this plugin may be when every line has something bad about McBans. I have no issue with competition but this is just a big "MCBans is crap, use this instead." Well, I don't like MCBans for what happened but I'm not about to bash them up for it. I suggest you rewrite this with a smile, knowing that this may be the next big banning thing, but don't make this out of rage of MCBans. This could bite you in the butt if anything happened to your database. I love this plugin idea, but I'm turned away by the fact that 80% of the original post is hate.

    EDIT: You said MCBans 9 times... but GlobalBans only twice? This is proof about my above message. :(
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    Sayshal I just used MCBans for comparison since it's the one pretty much everyone knows about, no hate intended ;) Perhaps my inner frustration with them came out inadvertently. I'll try to make it seem more balanced.
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    In my honest, active-member opinion in both McBans & Bukkit, I suggest saying one thing only about McBans. Such as "A great alternative to MCBans!" Or something simple as such.
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    I see your point, I'm not trying to market anything though this was meant to find out what the community would want from a global banning system.

    Original post has been updated with a rather fluffy to-do list.

    If anyone would like to do some provisional testing, I will hopefully have the API and database set up by Sunday :D

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    This sound to be a very great plugin. I'll follow this idea.
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    I know I said I would have a semi-working version for today, but I then decided that I was going to write the php for the API a lot more properly then I would usually (ie, it's modular). Expect a beta in the next few days.

    Also, can those of you that are interested in using this say so here so I have some idea of how seriously I need to take this ;)
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    I would be happy to help with finding bugs and usability enhancements :)
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    Awesome ! I have one last thing to do with the plugin (make the format of the /lookup command more sensible) and the website needs a signup form and then we should be good for some testing :D
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    Love this idea i'll switch from mcbans when it comes out. All you need to do is add a tempban and a kick.
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    If you do fully go through with this, I would love to become a dedicated staff member to this team because I myself dislike MCBans and I think the system you are talking about looks great, plus I definantly have the time right now
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    Awesome :D

    I'll let you know how things will work once I have the API finished and as abuse-preventing as I can make it.

    /kick is simple, that's a local only thing. /tempban will be the same as /ban but you specify a length of time after the reason /ban player 2 24h for example :) Sound good ?

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    Cool any idea when a RB of this will be out? :D
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    Not a clue, I have the basic banning API working and evidence uploading for theft and griefing. Still a fair bit to do ! I was hoping to get most of the other API stuff done today.
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    Cool, have fun coding :D
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    To add a bit of colour, here is what the lookup command's response looks like at the moment.


    The colours represent the 4 how-bad-were-they levels.
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    Status Update: I have been working on the website since the plugin is basically done now.

    The things-that-are-left-to-do list is getting pretty short and I hope to have a working version up for testing at the weekend.

    I still need to work out a nice way to collect evidence for things like abusive chat, the only way I can think of is to try to get the chat out of the server.log file for that player which might work, needs testing.

    Hopefully the initial interest hasn't died out ;)

    Oh one more thing, I'm making it compatible with MCBans and presumably MCBouncer, not sharing a database or anything daft like that, just that you will be able to use both plugins at once. I'm hoping a few people will try it out properly on their servers :)
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    Another Update: Delayed due to me having lots of other work to do and a big NoCheat update that broke a few things and me getting totally stuck working out how to get chest access from LogBlock ;)

    I have a proper name for this now and the domain registered, I'll probably make a new topic since the project has progressed past asking for ideas now :)
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    Jacek If you need help on the web site i could be a moderator, lol....
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    Thanks for the offer but I won't just be picking random people off of forums for that ;)
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    Lol :p
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    Final Status Update (in this topic): I am done with the plugin and the API is all finalised and working nicely now. I will be testing it all on my server for the next two week to see if I have the ban severities worked out right and fix any bugs.

    After that, public beta, where I really hope some people will try it out. It works along side mcbans so you don't need to migrate straight away.

    Since everything is basically finished I can actually give a date that can be stuck to (assuming I don’t get hit by a bus or something). I'll make a bukkitdev and release post on the 11th of March with a download for the plugin, registration will also be available on the site by then.

    By the way, I renamed it to MineBans and the website is minebans.com, which at the moment is using the same UI as my server control panel so please no comments about how out of place it all looks.
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