[WIP] craftbans | ban appeals made easy + networked bans

Discussion in 'WIP and Development Status' started by brenhein, Sep 22, 2012.

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    appeals made easy
    Introducing craftbans
    Tired of hard-to-manage forum or other appealing systems? Welcome to craftbans, a work-in-progress plugin for CraftBukkit servers. It provides an easy interface for players and administrators alike to manage bans.
    Current features
    • Networked bans
    • Single-server bans
    • Reasons
    • Length
    • Appeal system
    • View screenshots posted by moderators as evidence
    Planned features
    • Optional minecraft.net authentication for appeals
    • Better evidence system
    • Add homepage
    • Finish banlist
    • Admin panel
    Development Status
    craftbans is currently in-development in a closed-alpha stage. A public alpha release will be open to the public within the next couple of weeks. Stay tuned.


    To be released under the nSquare Video Game Technologies Open Source License Agreement.
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    Is this a hosted solution like mcbans or something server owners can host themselves?

    Also, what language is the web interface written in (Python, Ruby, Java, PHP)
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    Server owners will need to host it themselves.

    It is written in PHP. I was considering making it in a Java serverlet, but I assume that most people do not have J2EE or even hosting providers that support it in the first place.
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    Many server administrators don't have the facility to host PHP applications, what's holding you back from hosting this yourself?
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    I feel that banning solution should be hosted by the server administrator, and not some potentially power-hungry global administrator. Additionally, servers may brand the website in any way they choose.
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    Good answer, +1
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    Will any bans go to a global database, like MCBans so other servers can be free of rule-breaking players.
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    I think the point of this is to avoid using flawed solutions like MCBans.
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    +1 plus followed,can't wait to see where this plugin ends up :)
  10. Has this been retired?

    I've loaded it up on my web server and connected it to a database but there seems to be issue creating accounts.

    Have tried creating a table named 'users' with 3 columns 'email' 'password' and 'mc-user' to no prevail
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    This looks awesome I'll be waiting
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