[WIP] Craft of Clans - Clash of Clans in Minecraft

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Good idea or not?

  1. Yes, it is!

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  2. No, It isn't

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  3. Yeah, But I'm not sure if you are going to finish it.

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    Why Clash of Clans in Minecraft?
    I found out that there is not a public clash of clans plugin out there so I decided to make my own. People tried to make them but no one released it..

    * Clans System
    * Currency System
    * Leagues

    * Making Automatic plot System (32x32 - 64x64)
    * Add Buildings (Townhall etc.)
    * Inventory GUIs
    * Level System
    * Chat Channels
    I want to plugin to be very close to the app any ideas are welcome!

    Current progress: 2.4/100 (First download will be at 50/100)

    - Martijn
    Want to help? Leave a comment below!
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    I'd love to help out if I can (Currently not working on anything and I'm bored as ****).
    Wouldn't it be beneficial to post the code to Github so that other developers can also contribute to this big plugin.
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    @TGRHavoc Please, Help is apprecicated! I prefer using the Saros (Something like that ^,^) the eclipse add-on. Is it possible to put copyright on your code using Github?
  4. @MordorKing78 Firstly, there is one close to being finished.
    Secondly, I can give you my league and MySql code.
    Thirdly, post a GitHub so people can help out.
    Lastly, I believe I still have some buildings stored somewhere on my hard drive
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    @bwfcwalshy How do you know? :eek: I googled around!

    Would be cool if you could give me the MySQL, League code and the Buildings! Thank you :D
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    haha you can always help on mine :p currently no code is public available but feel free to request ideas
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    @crolemol X) Could you make a WIP post or so so no one else starts it anymore X)?
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    everybody is free to make their own plugins :p so if you really want you can still work on yours
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    @crolemol Haha, Nah I want to make Unique plugins that don't exist yet.. But the Alpha of your plugin will probally be up soon ;P
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    @all Sorry for not mentioning but this thread is dead :)
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  14. I will just lock it then since it is not being used.
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