[WIP] Clash of Blocks [ClashOfClans]

Discussion in 'WIP and Development Status' started by Aperx, Nov 25, 2013.

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    (Until Alpha)

    Many of you should already know what i'm talking about, the popular iOS/Android app, clash of clans. Below you can find the planned features, team and source code. Feel free to PM me or ask questions below about anything of the plugin, or general suggestions


    • Custom Generated Worlds, layed out, ready, for CoB use
    • Inventory GUI Menus
    • Clickable Buildings
    • Clans
    • Clan Chats
    • Town GUI
    • Self Updating Scoreboards (Handles Gold, Elixir, Gems ect.)
    • Trainable Troops
    • Spells
    • Eggs to handle placing of Troops (When attacking)
    • Level System
    • Leagues
    • Auto - Saving
    • Self-building buildings (Blocks fall into place)
    • Same Building and Research times
    • Defensive Buildings
    • API (COBAPI)
    Aperx - Author​
    Stilldabomb - Developer​
    Not2EXcel - Developer​
    Mineu999 - Developer​
    DevRosemberg - Developer​
    Joseshooter - Builder​
    This Plugin will be an Open Source.​
    Check out a full mark up at our plugins bukkit dev page:​
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    My first response:

    Don't even try to pronounce the abbreviation. Don't.
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    Okay, i see your point..
    may have to think about the name :p
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    uhhh see-oh-see
    I don't get it...

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    jk i do just trolls
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    Got my first partner in this project.
    Stilldabomb, a friend of mine, will be helping out with this! :)
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    You can add me on skype and I can help out when I have free time.

    edit: richmond.steele
    just let me know who you are when you add me
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    Added, sent a little message with my message, should be easy to see
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    Nice!!! Love it.. I play clash of clans myself and looks coollll! Love it when its done and can use it on my server
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    Updated the OP with the features, team, dev bukkit page! :)
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    This looks awesome! the source code is looking good as well! keep up the good work, can't wait until the release
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    Thanks Ape! We're working hard, comments like these make me happy :D
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    I make no idea what is clash of clans, but looks a tidy plugin, organized and clean code, keep up with the good work :)
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    Thank you samosaara we've been trying hard to keep things tidy and organised, makes it easier to change things and find things later on down the track
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    UPDATE: Updated the thread with some new features, new logo, and completion :)
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    Completely unrelated to thread but are you also Not2EXceL on HF? :D

    Good luck with this project! I love playing Clash on my phone and it'd be cool to see it remade in Minecraft :)
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    Yeah I'm the same person XD.
    Aperx gonna be adding in my Colorizer class so we can more easily type ChatColor without the need to actually do ChatColor.XYZ. And its faster than looping through the enum values
    Its 25x slower than directly replacing & with ยง, but its 2x faster than looping through the enum. its also parsing <blue> (example) which slows down replacement time. (the enumloop is also using <blue>)
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    If you need help coding/testing out the plugin, give me a message
    My skype is
    yarmoam233 ;)
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    Just for the information of others, I and the other Devs have take a short break from working on this over the holiday break. Work on this will resume when we get around to it :p got some cool stuff coming so get excited!
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    Aperx I would love to help around this project.
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    Welcome DevRosemberg to the Dev team!
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    I can chip in if you need.
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    This looks fun
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    Aperx i would love to help with with this it looks like so much fun!

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    Hello I wood love to help you finish this butt I need help coding :( I know some code I made a mod for 1.5 butt I know the code is harder now butt can I help please
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    I'll help code a little if you want =), Aperx
    Used to play this game... but sense I got to crystal league .. this is off topic :p
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    This plugin is abandoned.
    I am however coding a similar one that's private.
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    LordVakar Yeah everyone is inactive but we never abandoned the project.
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    Yes technically but all the github code is still gone. :p
    (But probably somebody still has the code on their desktop or they moved the repository)
    You could reactivate the project under a repo under your github if you're the only one active still working on the project.
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