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Discussion in 'WIP and Development Status' started by Chrisward, Sep 5, 2011.

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    I kinda copied the idea of another thread, but I put in a pull request and they didn't accept it or anything... so I am making my own from (more or less) scratch. If there are any legal problems with this, BPS, just let me know :)

    Moving to BukkitDev -> http://dev.bukkit.org/server-mods/bukkit-plugin-writer/
    Wiki Page -> http://wiki.chrisgward.com/index.php/Program:Bukkit_Plugin_Writer/
    TODO List -> http://wiki.chrisgward.com/index.php/Program:Bukkit_Plugin_Writer/TODO
    Feel free to suggest features by either adding them to the TODO list or throwing tickets at me through bukkitdev :p Either way, they'll end up on the TODO list

    Bukkit Plugin Writer

    Bukkit Plugin Writer (BPW) aims to make writing Bukkit Plugins as easy as possible.​

    If you are interested in helping out, feel free to fork it and put in pull requests :) Just make sure you update your fork regularly (link to github below)​

    Screenshots (open)
    Note: This is just what it looks like at the moment, more is coming soon :D
    Screenshot 1
    Screenshot 2

    BPW only supports Windows at the moment, however (when implemented) you will be able to debug and use the plugins on any platform​

    BPW is currently not ready to be downloaded, but you can check it out on Github -> link
    BPW only works on Windows (We *might* port it to Java once we have a more or less working prototype)​
    BPW Will be compiled using Mono, so pretty much anyone can use it :D (I have no idea about an installer though.. this is not all going in one exe file, I know already its not possible)​

    I am not going to put a link to the installer file just yet, I will compile that closer to when its done​
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    Have you actually tried it on a mac? Maybe it will work...
    And awesome idea! :)
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    Sorry but it is written in a windows code, not java, it may work if you change some of the code and compile it on a mac but I highly doubt it'd run, sorry
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    Okay, this looks awesome ;)
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    Thanks :) I can't work out why the installer works on my computer but doesn't on any other... maybe it needs to be compiled on the target computer...
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    Well, the installer runs and installs everything, but the exe won't run...
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    Great work on the GUI, what was it made in? I know It's Java, but more specific?

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    Its written in C# to make Java plugins. Not written in java, only edits java :p
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    Ah. Any hints on getting the cool GUI? :)
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    I downloaded a trial thing, and have cracked it but intend on buying it when I get enough money :p Its from dotnettools
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    Good idea, but I think people will stick to their java IDE's like netbeans and Eclipse.
    Also, you can port this to Mac and Linux using mono. Requires some work though.
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    Wow i wish i could help! I'm only now learning Java, and I'm developing my first plugin, so it'll be interesting to see this progress :D
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    I am going to need some help, if you can't code then feel free to put out suggestions :)
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    How are you going to handle the error coding and the compiling?
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    So far, no idea :p I'll have to do some serious googling
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    Pretty cool. Basically a java IDE make for bukkit plugins. Good idea. Don't forget to include the java doc for bukkit as well :p
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    Please read the rules here about advertising in your signature:

    Specifically, you may not advertise for anything besides your plugin or server, especially not a hosting company. It's a strong policy here. Remedy the issue and thanks for your cooperation.
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    Instead of using Visual Studio to make it, use MonoDevelop. It should make it work on Windows, Linux and Mac.
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    wow... did you get the DotNetBar2.dll from BPS? :p
    if you did get the .dll and the idea from Bukkit Plugin Studio:
    Wonderful! also please look into our code and use as much as you want, we can't work on it anymore since we are very busy with MCBukkit Manager

    @Chrisward , btw just read the top thing on the post :p
    no problems at all, as i said previously, use all of it that you want :)

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    Thanks :) I'm totally rewriting it

    and I re-downloaded the DLL :p

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    the .dll for DevComponents is updated? btw, did you pay for it? :p it's 260$
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    I don't think so, and its kinda illegal :p
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    To be honest, I don't think people will use it if you say you used it based on illegal resources?
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    Il save up and buy it..is yours legal, @MCManager ?
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    yes, mitch bought it :)
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    Can I steak your dll until I buy it?


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    you can use it, you don't earn any money with it.... i hope :)
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    looks like it might be handy :) i find it annoying when i start a plugin to work out package things to to write the plugin.yml
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    Okay, would you approve of donations to buy a new dll?
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