[WIP] Auto AntiGrief - Automatically stop griefers (Name and description needed)

Discussion in 'WIP and Development Status' started by rymate1234, Oct 19, 2011.


Should I make this?

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    I have been thinking about this for a while ,and I'd thought I'd put my idea onto bukkit.org to see what other people think about it.

    This plugin is a block logger/AntiGrief plugin with a difference. what it does is monitor who places a block at a certain location. When a griefer goes and tries and destroy some blocks placed by another person, the plugin will take action in the following ways:

    • Scenario 1 - Player who placed blocks is online - Notify them of whats happening and allow them to /allow or /disallow. Allowing them allows the person to continue. Disallowing them kicks the griefer and rolls him back automatically.
    • Scenario 2 - Player who placed blocks is offline or afk - a blocks to allow count will be in the config file. if the griefer exceeds this amount, it will kick them.
    If the griefer has a second offense, (s)he will be banned (may add punishments in config file later)

    Also, griefers placing banned blocks (lava, tnt, ect) will be treated the same way as scenario 2.

    There may also be an optional manual rollback option.

    Any suggestions? Ideas? Comments? Please post :D
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    This sounds pretty awesome, and can it save the griefer names to a names.txt or something?
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    That sounds like a good idea! May add that :)

    In fact, I may need to add that for logging :p
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    Just adding my two cents, but I think it would be more beneficial to tap into the logs that are already created in LogBlock, BigBrother, or HawkEye through their respective APIs (or pick one and stick with it).

    Anyone who's serious about anti-griefing will have one of these plugins already, and will be reluctant to abandon it for this. Also, the concept of keeping duplicate logs horrifies me.

    Great idea though :p
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    Yes, but I think I found a flaw. What if a new user is surviving in a cave or underground? The griefer could destroy cave walls and this system wouldn't clock it as it would be part of the generated world, not blocks placed by the players. This would allow them to pull off a grief and walk off unreported.

    Add a script where if a player has at least 5 placed blocks in that area then it will create a radius around it (That takes up the first layer) if it got destroyed. If the player has more than 32 joint blocks, then it should work the way you have wrote.
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    Your users build cave walls?
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    Nathan C

    YES, this sounds amazing!
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    This sounds AMAZING!
    Not Amazing!
    It's AMAZING xD

    Yes make that pls xDD
    i think i will donate when it's finished ;D
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