[WIP][ADMIN/TOOL] QuestWriter v0.16.1 - Quest Writing for Citizens.

Discussion in 'Bukkit Tools' started by Cryptite, Oct 12, 2011.

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    Ryan Clemente

    wish this were for mac :(
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    Hey this program looks so useful, but is there a .jar file or a mac download?
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    Hello, have some problem:

    UnicodeDecodeError: 'ascii' codec can't decode byte 0xc8 in position 9: ordinal not in range(128)

    Translate in ANCI, UTF-8, Unicode, does not work >.< , i need help :3.
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    Hi !
    Sorry for my Englais, I'm French

    Well, I just downloaded QuestsWritter only when I want to save a search in a. Yml (:Test.yml) None. Yml not create!

    Thank you for answering me! (Windows 7 64 Bits)
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    Hello Guys!
    I Have a quick question. I create a quest recently and it all works perfectly fine apart from one thing. It's a 2 part quest where you have to collect a certain amount of an item and then deliver it to the NPC. All of it up to point of delivery works fine it's just when I hand in all the items the NPC says the Description text again straight after the Completion text. This makes the Chat Box very busy and it's hard to see the completion text. How do I make it so the NPC only says the Completion text and then says the Description Text on another click?
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    I cannot save any quests. I complete a quest, select the save option in the menu, choose a name for the .yml document but nothing happens. The doc is not created and all of my work is lost. Any help? Also, text keeps disappearing when if I create a new quest tab. When I click the green plus, it makes a new quest of the same name but removes all of the info for BOTH quests.
  7. Anyone else noticed that this program has been outdated and proclaimed dead for ages now? *hint* *hint* :p
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    J'ai comme l'impression que c'est des Français qui ont des problèmes de sauvegardes et pour cause:

    I'm havinga problem withsaving a file :
    Traceback (most recent call last):
    File "QuestWriter.py", line 581, in handler_Menu
    File "QuestWriter.py", line 616, in saveAs
    File "QuestWriter.py", line 595, in saveWhole
    File "ntpath.pyc", line 108, in join
    UnicodeDecodeError: 'ascii' codec can't decode byte 0xd0 in position 9: ordinal not in range(128)

    bon pour ma part c'était une autre erreur... cela vient du nom d'utilisateur.. si il comporte un caratère spécial "éàâ" etc...
    ça ne marche pas... me demandez pas pourquoi ce n'est pas moi qui ait fait ce logiciel... mais voilà qu'un problème s'impose... si vous renommer votre compte c'est bien beau mais ça ne renommera pas le dossier utilisateur dans C:/Utilisateurs
    Donc il faut créer un autre compte utilisateur temporairement sans: "éàâ" etc... ou definitivement en apportant tout vos fichier de l'ancien compte sur le nouveau compte...
    Sur ce en espèrant que cette solution marche pour tout le monde!
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    Can someone tell me, is there a way to make the program use spaces instead of tab, because I'm getting tired of having to replace them all the time. It would save time if there was such a feature.
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    im just wondering if there is a way to take the wood from a player after it is collected?

    got it

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    hey can you make support for RpgEssentials questing? It's an amazing plugin and i personally like their questing format because of the little box that appears when you talk to a npc.:D.
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    Quick question: how can a NPC give a player an item? Not as a reward, but so that he does something with it. For example, a fishing rod, so that he/she can fish 5 fishes for the quest and give it after the quest back.
  13. Please tell me this is still being worked on,
    I have two questions;
    Does it work with Citizens 2.0 ?
    How does the NPC Destination function work?
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    Maybe make a .jar file for mac users? We are forgoten ...
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    My citizens crashed because of quests, please help?
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    Kocsis Lajos

    Pls help when i load the quests.yml:
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    I cant save my questwriter file. when i will save it doesent make anything...
    then when i close QW :Errors occurend
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    Hi ! Any plan to update to the new quest.yml format ?
    Tanks !
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    yup =3 new tool for Citizens2 will be nice ;s
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    This Quest Maker has a real bad error and wont stop crashing
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    This is a great idea!

    Will there be a mac version?
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    And sometimes much more.
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    I can't save quests.yml!
    Please help!
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    What is require to this plugin ?
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    Will there be a quest writer program for denizen?
  26. It would be almost fun if it wasn't so sad to read all posts asking for help when the prog has been dead for a year. Makes me wonder if anyone bother to actually read what it says first.
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    Will you update it for "Quests"?
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    Hi, I'm fairly sure Quester is a broken plugin, as any quest created is impossible to do anything with, (If you can impossibly make one in the first place) as well as when I make a quest w/ this program, it needs an ID, and also, in game /quest list says no quests. Also, I've created the quest while the server is off, then started it, w/ no quests, and it deletes the contents of the file. I HATE ALL THE NEW UPDATE STUFF! Quester and qQuests, and Citizens used to be so well made, easy to use, and comprehensive, allowing ease of use, and now they have made every thing impossible. I'd appreciate it if you could look into the reasons your program won't seem to work with Quester. I do like how it works and the UI, though. ALSO! The program crashes about every 15 seconds, and all I want to do is make a quest, and all this crap is very frustrating, and crushes my attitude. The crashes are caused by: Editing the Quests file; Doing absolutely nothing even while the server is off; and other non explainable events.

    THIS IS WHAT YOUR QUEST WRITER MAKES: http://pastebin.com/PkHde8G9
    THIS IS WHAT A QUEST SHOULD LOOK LIKE: http://pastebin.com/yn5UC2dG
    You may want to look into the new updates to the plugin, and all issues above, such as the way the quests are written in the file, ID placement, and keeping up to date w/ the changes so that users aren't left in the dark. Another thing, your plugin puts quotation marks at the beginning of the name of the quest. This breaks the entire file, causing quester to delete it's contents.
  29. Citizens doesn't even have a quest-char anymore. :p
    How hard is it to just read th top and see that this has been outdated for ages?

    If you'd want to write quests, use denizen for Citizens 2. It's awesome, easy and allows for so much more...
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    I did read that, I am using citizens 2, and trait quester works. I finally actually got the quest system to work, without this program.
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