[WIP][ADMIN/TOOL] QuestWriter v0.16.1 - Quest Writing for Citizens.

Discussion in 'Bukkit Tools' started by Cryptite, Oct 12, 2011.

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    Will you add compatibility for Mac OS X?
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    This is godly and all, but what do u do when its finished? Also just wondering if there is a way to create a quest for just talking to the NPC, for like a tutorial. Sign saids: Right click NPC to carry through. *Right clicks NPC* Boom teleport to elsewhere.
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    Not possible with quest writer since it's so outdated but if you write the quest by hand you can add in an initial node set to teleport them to a certain x,y,z coordinate as soon as they accept the quest
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    No idea how to do that but thanks
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    look on the citizens bukkit dev page and use their wiki link it was recently updated with new info to help new users write quests by hand
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    Hi, i am a french minecrafter and the file QuestWriter.zip cannot download, it stay stuck on the beggining, can you upload the file on another location please ?
    Thanx ! :)
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    Really too bad this is totally buggy:
    - does not support UTF-8 characters
    - does not handle properly move location
    - does not permit to edit rewards
    - does not provide run as server command
    - does not support delay repetition

    Not to mention that the update link is dead (found it here: https://code.google.com/p/panychull...t/QuestWriter/QuestWriter.rar?spec=svn43&r=43)

    And worste, been an executable, it behaves poorly under linux
  8. I used questwriter to get a hang on how the output for different quests should look like, so for a nub like me it sure was handy as a steppingstone. :)
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    So where do I place the yml once I save it? Your thread OP has no information.
  10. in your plugins/citizens folder
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    Timothy Graham

    will this be updated to citizens 1.5? or anyone else know of a program that does it like this?
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    please update :)
  14. N
    No and no. :(
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    Any reason why updating my objectives causes the objective to get deleted?
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    How do I make a requirement for a quest another quest?
    example: You must complete quest 1 to do quest 2

    When I do a collect quest, The quester will not take the items I have collected for him.

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    Okay I made a few quests but when I put them all into the quests.yml it didn't load ANY of my citizens/quests
    I tried putting them all in as seperet files but it didn't work, it only loaded one
    How do I add more then 1 quest? Also when I click on my NPC (with the quest) it show up and says "Right-click to accept" so I right click and nothing happens :(
  18. You do know that Quest Writer is outdated as hell, right? :)
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    QuestWriter will be update soon?
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    OMFG, this is so amazing, i have a problem with is the id select, the ids need to be in order, so its easy to find, and typing the name sometimes finds the item, and the move location, BUT OTHER THAN THAT, keep up the good work, and i hope you come out with a full version, keep me updated
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    dont you know that its completely outdated and inactive?
  22. this plugin/programm is script in python!! COOL :D :D :D (python is the only language that i can)(sorry for bad english)
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    you know i dont care, he/she should bring it back and finish this, its very useful, and all i still use it, just need to add in the code that it does not write for me!!!!!
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    Nice keep up the good work! :D!

    Why not .jar :(? I want it on my mac too!
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    Add sub-objective rewards? (e.g. Give Steve his sword {you then are given a diamond sword from said NPC} then the quest goes on)
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    Please add a Variable list to the page plz
    becuase <player> is the only variable that I know is there anymore?
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    Does this work with Citizen's 2 beta?
    I suppose something like this would make it much easier...
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    Can you make this for mac????
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    I need help with this. I honestly dont know whats going wrong, without a quest.yml file /quest reload seems to work perfectly fine. with one however, i cant do anything at all. Ive tried it with only one quest in the quest.yml file ive tried it with alot, please help me :)
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    I'm having a problem with saving a file :
    Traceback (most recent call last):
    File "QuestWriter.py", line 581, in handler_Menu
    File "QuestWriter.py", line 616, in saveAs
    File "QuestWriter.py", line 595, in saveWhole
    File "ntpath.pyc", line 108, in join
    UnicodeDecodeError: 'ascii' codec can't decode byte 0xd0 in position 9: ordinal not in range(128)
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