[WIP][ADMIN/TOOL] QuestWriter v0.16.1 - Quest Writing for Citizens.

Discussion in 'Bukkit Tools' started by Cryptite, Oct 12, 2011.

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    when i add the file to citizens 1.1.3 it doesnt load the quests
    it says 0 quests loaded
    can anyone help me
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    I must agree! It would be amazing to be able to specify a quest name that is required. I'd guess it would be in Quest Text section?
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    i think its another new section
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    Hi, could you add requirements?

  5. It supports the latest version of Citizens?

    I really liked
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    nope .. i made quests but they does not load!
  7. When opening an empty quest file in Windows the Program crashes when I want to save, because the file is somehow still locked by an unclosed FileStream...
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    Is there an update for the latest release?


    Great application!

    Is it possible you could make a mac version?!

    Thanks again!
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    1. its WIP so i think there come more versions.
    2. i dont think he does. its a lot of work in my experience to make a Windows app and mac applications even more.
    but its hes choice but i think this app is to small to make it multi os version
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    I've spoken with the author, and it seems he's not continuing this, at least not very soon. He has said that if someone who knows Python would be interested in continuing development, they're free to do so. He might pick up again, but it's not likely.
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    well if thats clear i can take a head up with VB.net but i dont know whats gonna happen. until then. i hope someone will pickup this project
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    That's sad to hear, thanks for telling us though!
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    I noticed that the deliver quest had a button to pull up other NPCs? Where would i put the 'npc-profiles' file from Citizens so that the program will see it? Is there a way yet? What about a way to list other quests?
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    crazy its bugged and not continue anymore.
  17. The way a quest is written, wouldn't it be possible to write a webbased questwriter in php?

    And if over 450 quests is written with this, it would be awesome if someone started a database witth already written quests. All you have to do is change the npcids and coords...
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    what is not clear.
    this project is STOPPED
  19. Yeah. I know. This is still the only place on the www I've found where anyone have posted anything about quests. So I just thrue in a question that doesnt have anything to do with this :p
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    I agree on the webbased, it couln'd be to hard. But the time! :(
    I have some bug and tryed to reinstall it but i can't write any quest, but the program was great to use as long as it worked and is great to use only to check in advance if the quest.yml will load probertly when the server restarts.

    BIG THANKS to the one's ho build this and to bad they don't work on it anymore. But as Sketaful said.
    So why can't we questers use this forum and try to help each other?
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    well i can try and make a module in my application for it.
    but i cant say if its gonna work. due the fact i dont have a yaml parser
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    OMG THANK YOU SO MUCH. . . Seriously quest were frustrating lol. I hope this will make things easier.
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    I have known how to create quests manually, but they took so long and were a waste of time. With this, I can create a quest that would've taken me 1 hour in 5 minutes. THANK YOU!
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    I'm sneaking in to brag. Almost 5000 quests have been written with this thing... My god.

    I'm also considering possibly picking this thing back up. Problem is I have no idea what's new in Citizens since I last wrote for it. Any chance somebody could give me a brief run-through of what's new? I suspect also having some reasonably advanced quests to look at would help.
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    Well that depends, when was the last time you used Citizens? Mostly what's been changed lately was for guards and cleaning coding up not much new stuff was added

    Not quite sure what you mean by advanced quests either, longest/hardest one I currently have is a 9 objective quest that rewards you with a few spells through-out it and access to a new area at the end via command rewards and the magicspells and worldguard plugins(since they haven't added in quests as requirements yet I have it set up so quest lines are placed in worldguard regions that don't allow you in until the previous quest adds you to it as a reward)
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    I believe we were at Citizens 1.0.9d last I used it.
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    hmm that is quite a ways back, 1.1 changed quite a bit especially configuration-wise, would definitely be to much to try and list off, personally I would check their change logs and browse their github for information since the wikipedia is so outdated.

    I really would love to see this picked up again. As it stands it isn't worth using for anything advanced because there is so much it can't do(like add rewards to individual objectives, delays between when you can accept the quest again, quest requirements, data values for items) it is however an EXCELLENT learning tool for teaching people how to write quests, it walks them through everything they need to know before they start writing quests by hand
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    Hi im checking this thread since Tuesday if the QuestWriter is up-to-date.
    Do you plan to update it? If so, when do you think will it be ready?
    It would be totally awesome, because I'm just too unbrained to
    write them myself in notepad++ :D

    Would be awesome!
    Best regards
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    i just made a quest called zombieslayer and i named my quest called file called quests.yml and i replaced it with the one that citizens already made me and it doesnt show that i made the quest in-game. help?
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