Will there be a bukkit server for the 1.8 prerelease?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by HorkenSnorker, Sep 9, 2011.

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    Since the bukkit team already has the source for 1.8 (at least to my understanding) i think it would be useful to have a bukkit server compatible with prerelease clients so developers can start to update their plugins and wont have to rush so much once the final 1.8 is out. Only questions is are they ready yet (and allowed to)?
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    I wish D:
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    I think there is a simple answer to this...

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    It actually makes sense NOT to send out an RB at this point, too many bugs (mainly with crafting and smelting), it's probably best to allow some of the bugs to be ironed out in vanilla before we through this thing into a bukkit.
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    RB? Of course not. Just something so they can start bringing their plugins up to date. The sooner they can start the smoother the update process will be.
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    Just wait untill monday, its not a big deal
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    Any plugins that don't use the CraftBukkit internal API should not be affected by the change to 1.8.
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    Yeah, i guess you are right. Its only special cases that will bring a need to update. Already saw your other post. Oh well, asking didnt hurt ;)
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    Spout is gonna get FUBARed
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    i think bukkit needs to look into the source, to start getting a 1.8 compatible build sooner :)
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    You do know Bukkit already gets prereleases from Mojang right?
    They don't need leaked builds.
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    nope didn't know that
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    Mojang is in direct touch with bukkit since some weeks / perhaps months.
    They've (bukkit) sent a list of bugs to Mojang to fix it until 1.8 is released.
    Thats the reason why 1.8 is coming monday and not last friday.
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