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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Insanehero, Feb 22, 2011.

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    So I've been wondering lately why notch doesn't warn bukkit before an update comes out, because then bukkit comes out with craftbukkit and plugins get updates before the new update. It's a win win situation all around because no one will be whining about all the servers being down ( basically every server uses Hmod or bukkit with plugins). Either notch should team up with bukkit more or come out with his own "mod" that came with the game itself ( I guess it wouldn't be a mod then...)

    Oh one more thing why does notch only have like 6 employees when he's basically a billionaire??

    Any comments...
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    andrew pearson

    cause hes notch lol.
    I really want to know the answer to this too, cause he keeps saying he wants mod support and If you keep throwing stuff at the modders then they just will be like WTF Notch
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    I think he could make so much more progress alone if he hired more people. I mean come on over 1 million people have Bought the game and he can't "afford" more ? Now they have to wait for a mod not made by creator of the game to even play the game now.
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    Notch can't just hire anyone to code it, they're independent developers, and Notch wants control over the game.

    Also, they actually will be doing something like this when Mojang releases the nightly builds of the game. Right now they work on the game and test it until just before each release. Now instead of handing it over to Bukkit and making everyone wait, they just release it.

    The new game launcher asks if you would like to update or not. You can choose to not update so you can play on your favorite server until they decide to update (when the new version of Bukkit comes out).

    Back to the nightly builds. These are the most up-to-date edits of the game in its playable form. When these are working, Bukkit will be able to use these to begin their next version of the server mod before the MC version is released.

    Also, Mojang and Bukkit were thinking about working together.
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    I'd much rather be waiting on bukkit to release a craftbukkit before update rather having a million people not being able to play. And my launcher does not let me choose rather to update or not.
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    Download the new one from here: http://www.minecraft.net/download.jsp

    Has the option to update or not.
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    andrew pearson

    What happeneed to that anyway?
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    more programmers does not mean faster/better code.
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    Sondre Berntsen

    The more, the messier... or so they say.
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    You'll get faster perhaps, but better code no chance!
  11. Well I wouldn't say that this is necessarily true anymore. Now that notch made white-list implementation official, I really don't think anyone really needs a mod anymore, nothing really wrong with vanilla SMP as of now, of course the easy implementation of admin commands with plugins adds a nice bonus, however ops can kick/ban in vanilla mc.

    I'm perfectly fine with the bukkit team taking as much time as possible at this point, because now the users on my server can at least play the game without us admins having an aneurysm from really worrying about griefers.
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    11 million dollars's not nearly enough capital to sustain a company beyond an employee count of perhaps 5-7.
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    Whenever I do this it gives me an error saying "Can not connect to minecraft.net (Not downloaded)" And it is downloaded...
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    Back up your saves folder if you have any important worlds there.
    Delete both the bin folder and resources folder.
    Then try! :)
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    I did that still doesnt work
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    I beg to differ.....Notch made that much in a little over a year. That's enough to sustain a company with 100 employees.
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    You forgot about other things: Employee salary, compensation, health care benefits, other insurance, fixed capital (equipment, electricity bill, water bill, etc.)

    Then there's the cost of hosting solutions (Amazon cloud hosting), running the website, running the authentication server, providing security to the server...

    Want me to go on?
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    Well our company in Denmark, which is swedens neighbour, has 6 employees and our expenses are around 35K $ / Month. That means (if you don't count inflation in) that 11 million $ would be able to sustain our company without any further sales for 26 years!
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    either you forgot salaries, or your employees get paid less than $30K us and the company has NO other expenses

    er..$30k DDK

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    There is a new one.

    Personally, I would prefer if they stored the latest version and the previous version.

    You start the launcher and can pick which version of the client to use. This would allow servers update at their own pace.

    You would get a kick message when you try to connect with the wrong version and could then just restart the client and click the previous version button.

    It seems that they don't have a way for the launcher to auto-update itself, which is a design oversight.
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    $11 million dollars. You have obviously never had a job or you would realize how cheaply a company can run.

    -100 people at $40k/year (median income) = $4 million
    -Healthcare/Insurance/benefits for employees ~$20k/year/employee = $2 million
    (Alternatively, 1099 them all as contractors and pay $0 in benefits/insurance).
    -Rent for 25,000 square foot office space with electricity/water for a year = ~$500k

    And there's no way that the hosting costs are over $100,000 a year. I run a website that gets 40,000 visitors daily and serves about 10TB a month and I'm only paying $150/month for twin dedicated servers.
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    Hahahaha I work in different industries so let's say our compensations are just a BIT higher than that. And I doubt many system engineers and programmers would work for a meager wage of 40,000, especially those who hold Masters or PH. D. But then again God knows what kind of people Notch hires, apparently not high enough quality.

    Renting space costs? Depends on where you live. Renting space in Sweden isn't that cheap, where the social tax rate is significantly higher than that in the US. Plus the recent economic downturn which has devalued the US dollar relative to the Euro makes your figures a bit inaccurate.

    Mergers and acquisitions is a fun job.
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    He very likely hires 'friends of friends', and look at the mess we're in[​IMG]
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    I am one of the highest paid in the company and i get less than 4K $/month. The above numbers are with salaries for every single employee, debt payment and expenses for our buildings (water, electricity, rent etc.).

    As adamjon states, a company can be run much cheaper than you think :)
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