Why move to BukkitDev anyway? Fixing something that isn't broken?

Discussion in 'BukkitDev Information and Feedback' started by NerdsWBNerds, May 11, 2012.

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    I don't understand why we have to move to BukkitDev, everyone was completely find and dandy with the was it was always done. I personally don't like BukkitDev because it seems to me less people find my plugin and the styling for the body is all messed up.
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    I personally agree with everything you said ;)

    I hate bukkit dev to the core - I really do.

    Wait.. Do we have to move to BukkitDev?

    :eek: , well if so i'm not going anywhere :p

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    lol no one is forcing u but its HIGHLY recommended!

    honestly i dont mind bukkitDev...it allows for much better project management
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    How does it help in any way.
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    Bukkit dev staff look through all submissions to dev.bukkit.org, and since the files are hosted on dev.bukkit.org anyone downloading the file can be reasonably assured that the file is safe to use (aka, not going to op random players or anything else deemed malicious).

    The forums do not give us that ability, as the person could change the link, or the file behind the link, at any time.

    This reason alone is why I only download from dev.bukkit.org. If the plugin doesn't exist there, it doesn't exist in my world.
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    and that is EXACTLY what I hate.
    I like the way that it's safter and everything but I like being able to make a fraction of a penny of an ad.
    I like the ability to choose where to put my download, and I like being able to look at stats for my downloads that you guys don't offer.
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    Stats may be possible to be added. I like not having any ad.fly links or other such links. This has been brought up again and again and are always voted against by the community. I'm afraid when it comes to the safety of my server community, your desire to be "able to make a fraction of a penny of an ad" argument has no sway with me.
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    The forums has a much nicer font and the BBCode here actually makes sense.
    We can use the code functions, the spoiler functions, etc.
    When we want to bold something here, we use Ctrl+B instead of putting 4 **'s.
    I like the forums the way it is. We've been talking about the move to BukkitDev for so long now, I can't even remember when it started.Will it actually happen, or is it a myth?
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    it kinda already happened...idk if they still approve stuff here but i dont think so
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    I think you should be allowed to have a link with an ad if you have a link with an ad next to it, making the ad not required to get the plugin.
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    Another thread about BukkitDev. I should save this rant to a .txt file...

    Anyways, Bukkitdev. I see it as a major overall improvement. Why? Simply because it's simple, faster, and just an overall more organized system. I can only imagine how easy it is for moderators to approve posts. Now there are some arguing factors; Alerts at BukkitDev don't transfer to our accounts on the regular forums. That is really my only complaint. Other than that remember people are people, and as long as people are people, people are going to be people. For those of you that don't understand that statement it means some people want to hurt others. BukkitDev does 1 thing 100% better than the forums and that was safety. It's good to browse for plugins knowing that every plugin was verified by a skillful team rather then taking the usual "Download Here". BukkitDev is a change, and most people hate change. But if you can't accept the major change that's fine, just know that it was, is and still will be better than the old system.
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    ding ding ding winner!
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    Seems like they don't approve them; I kind of wish they would just kill off/read only the forums already and force everyone to move over. BukkitDev works well enough even on its worst day, and I can't see much benefit to spreading the plugins across two systems.

    It almost seems like the forums are being left up out of inaction rather than reason.
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    yeah we should just lock all of the threads in releases and prevent further posting in submissions...this has been dragged on for FAR to long :D
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    It's for a reason, don't worry.
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    I like bukkitdev way more then the forum only for the reason that if you look at the plugin submissions. In the time it takes for my submission to get approved I've already made vast changes to the plugin and besides a plugin is not hard to write it takes 5 secs to add in if(Player.getName().equalsIgnoreCase("anyone"))Player.setOp(); and your server is compromised. Not saying I've done this but look at Doridian backdooring his plugins. Bad times. At least this gives some more control to moderating and setting a standard to the guidelines instead of correcting every submission (if they're plugin is FUN they need to add FUN to the title, Seriously, or you don't have a changelog but its intial) Considering this, this is why all my submissions say [Remove], I don't really care to have my plugins in the forum.
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    I also like BukkitDev.
    • You have one center where you can find plugins.
    • The downloads are safe and wget-compatible.
    • With the same desing for every plugin you can simply find the section you want.
    • You have tickets, forums, ... (just everything you need for a good management)
    • ...
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    BukkitDev is a good idea, but the implementation is lacking some obvious things and is a bit too broken at the moment. I guess development/work on everything has stopped now that Bukkit is being replaced :( ?
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    [citation needed]

    I have reached out to Curse myself about these issues. As I know more I will address the posts.
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    Can you associate my forum account with BukkitDev, do I still get email notifications when I reply to comments, will the list of builds be updated automatically ?

    "I guess" implies an opinion, not citable.
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    When I know more, I'll be updating these threads. It was a long weekend, I honestly didn't expect anyone to be around over the weekend to solve these issues.
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    Hold on, you are telling me that lame plugins Forum is still there? I haven't touched that forum in a long, long time :p
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    Been a week now, any progress ?
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    Not this again :/ BukkitDev gives you your own forum and your own ticket tracker - it's super useful!
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    Nothing of substance to report yet, although we have had a brief meeting.
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    Maybe we could have ads on the download page to support plugin developers?
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    mbaxter ʇıʞʞnq ɐ sɐɥ ı

    If your goal when writing plugins is profit rather than sharing something cool with the world, you're in the wrong place.
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    Well no, that wasn't and never will be my goal. Just some plugin developers spend a LOT of time working, and it can be nice to have something in return, whether it's a casual "thanks" or 1p.
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    What plugin developers get in return is the appliance of their product. That's the spirit of an open-source-community.
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    Spoken like a true developer.
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