Why does everyone on Bukkit hate mods

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by nanerz_123, Aug 26, 2014.

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    Even if I say the word "mod" in one of my threads, it gets locked! I'm not even using them!
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    What did you mean 'compatible with mods' then? Why do you need compatibility with something you dont even use?
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    The answer to your question is roughly that these forums are intended for discussing two particular products, said products being Bukkit and inherently Minecraft. Modifications to the game thereof are not necessarily under the jurisdiction, ownership, or understanding of the Bukkit community due to the fact that they are 3rd party programs not produced by the Bukkit team or by users of their api for specific use with Bukkit.

    You are best served by going to the specific site dedicated to the mod in question, where you will receive detailed and comprehensive help with any difficulties you may have. Bukkit's users and staff do not necessarily have great experience with any one mod and as such you would be best served at the site dedicated to your specific mod. Secondly, Bukkit is not obligated to play host to discussions about unofficial builds of Minecraft or modifications to their own software (aka Spigot) which they may or may not approve of.
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    you don't have to fucking lock the whole thread. Look at world edit, it's compatible with mods
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    nanerz_123 There isn't any need to curse. Plus, it's Bukkit Forums for a reason, we only support our software. If you want to talk about mods, you need to take it to Minecraft Discussion, or OffTopic. Almost any plugin works with mods. I don't see how they can conflict other than the versions of Minecraft.

    nanerz_123 Jaaakee224 unofficial builds/mods don't belong here at all. Ask at the forums where you got it. Not here.

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    Interesting if this thread doesn't get locked xD.
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    That's weird. So you can't talk about mods in Minecraft Discussion or Offtopic at all?
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    Plugins themselves can be compatible with mods if the developers choose to put in the extra effort to make them that way, but that is up to each individual dev. Regardless of whether a plugin can be made compatible or not, these forums are not the correct place to make such requests. Either make the request with the community that exists for the specific server mod or make the request privately to the plugin developer. Do not try to get support for third-party software on forums designed only for CraftBukkit servers.

    Briefly mentioning that you used to have a modded server or have a friend using other server software shouldn't get your thread completely locked or post removed. However, if the topic of discussion completely revolves around third-party software, then it should not be on the Bukkit forums, it should be on the forums of whatever software it is about.

    In addition, when threads are made asking for server support or plugin requests and it is then revealed that the server is running mods, unofficial software, or is in offline mode, there is no reason why that thread should not be locked and/or removed. We cannot give support for software we do not make nor support modes of operation that we consider insecure.
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    Okay, this explains a lot :) Thank You!
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    And yet this thread is still open, haha.
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    You shouldn't be restricted (except in extreme situations) to what you can talk about in Offtopic. This is especially true for Mods in my opinion. They aren't something heinous or vulgar, they're related to the game of Minecraft in some way and are "off topic."
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    I thought this was a thread about moderators and was like "f#k yeah! Thats right!" Then I read the first post. Feeling disappointed.
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