Why did my project description was changed?

Discussion in 'BukkitDev Information and Feedback' started by CoKoC, Jun 4, 2012.

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    I made this plugin project on BukkitDev recently : http://dev.bukkit.org/server-mods/potionprotection/

    The plugin description's Preface was this :
    Now it is :
    This modification wasn't done by me. It was made following these convesations between me and LevelUpMinecraft's owner :

    And on Steam :

    As this issue is about a relation of trust between me and a BukkitDev staff, this thread is public.

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    I can understand if you had just said it was originally developed for them, but by having the "create a copycat potion protection, which I did freely, under condition they will use the plugin" puts them in a bad light. He had every right to ask you to remove that part and you should have adhered to his requests, granted asking you to remove anything to do with the server is a bit of an overstep but it is at their discretion as it is their server. To put it into context; if you ran a restaurant and someone sold you packaged food to resell to customers, then you stop using them and they advertise their product as a "copy cat lunchables created for restaurant A". You can see why the restaurant would be upset about this and ask you to remove that.
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    I am currently investigating who made the change and the reason for making the change. I am fully in support of people coming to their own terms on wording on these sorts of projects.
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    Sorry but I really didn't understand that last part. Who are you in support for?
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    I hate copycats.. Nothing personal!
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    The thing that peeves me is the YouTube conversation he had.
    Did he lie about paying $300 for the plugin to be developed or am I missing something?
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    Hello, this was my error.

    Your project was reported as having defamatory content by the administrator of the server in question. After a review of the project and the evidence given that you would not remove it, I chose to remove the questionable content myself, thinking that this was the best solution because no harm was done to the actual project while the author of the report was satisfied because his server was no longer being talking about in a way he didn't like.

    In hindsight, this was a choice I should have made only after speaking with both people together and attempting to have you two figure out the issue on your own first before making any kind of a decision whatsoever. Even after making the choice I did, I should have notified you about the issue before and afterwards so that you were not left in the dark. I apologize for both of these things, it was an error in judgement in my part combined with a very busy schedule which made me make the decision faster and with less thought than I should have.

    No such content will be removed unless it violates Bukkit's ToS or the Curse ToS, and it was my fault that this action was taken for such a small issue in an attempt to solve someone's problem as easily as possible. We prefer that members of our community work out any issues among themselves, unless it violates one of our rules, in which case you are free to notify one of the staff. Thank you and I apologize for any misunderstanding or inconvenience caused by this, I am very sorry.
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