Who wants to take over my plugin (IP address logger)?

Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by morshu9001, May 29, 2014.

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    I've seen it happen before where someone quits and passes on his plugin to someone else to develop. If you are looking for a slightly popular (664 downloads) plugin to support and improve, and you are at least semi-experienced with plugin coding, this is your chance because I am leaving.

    It's called IPMaster: http://dev.bukkit.org/bukkit-plugins/ipmaster/
    It logs every IP address that each player uses, allowing the server admin to do things like banning the last IP address a player logged in with, checking which IP addresses people share, and much more. I made it to use on my own server and released it for others to use; it was my pet project last summer. Also, fatso9000 is my newer account I made, and I can't log into it at the moment due to Bukkit server issues.

    I'm going to update it myself to use UUIDs instead of usernames, but for whoever takes it over, it could use MySQL support and/or permissions support. And you could add whatever extra features you want! You could also just keep it how it is and update it for new Bukkit versions. Your choice. I just don't want people who use this plugin to lose it in the future.

    If you are willing to accept this, I can give you the source code and let you make your own plugin from that, OR I can give you my Bukkitdev account since I will no longer need it anyway. So this is a trust system. Please only inquire if you are serious about keeping the plugin useful. The code I wrote is good and should be easy to follow, but only by last-year-me standards!

    I will quit Bukkit plugin development soon for a variety of reasons, mostly that I cannot commit very much time to this anymore. I have already turned down a request to join a plugin development team, which made me sad because I would have loved to join it last year.

    Thank you for reading. If nobody responds, I will simply release the source code for the plugin and hope someone picks it up in the future.
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    I'll maintain it for you.
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    You were the first to reply, so I'll pass it on to you! Thank you in advance for maintaining this. I'll message you once I'm done updating it to use UUIDs (which I'm doing right now). jd.bukkit.org is down at the moment, so it might take some time.
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