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Discussion in 'Plugin Help/Development/Requests' started by pacificfils, Oct 8, 2014.

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    First off, I am a new plugin coder, and this is my first ever project. I need lots of help.

    I'm building a plugin for a whitelist server that the users can control. For instance, the user `testuser` comes on the server and is placed into the `default` group. Another player, `derp123` (who has the `userwhitelist.invite` permission node) runs `/invite testuser`. Testuser is now in the whitelisted server group.

    Features I would like to have:

    - `/invite` -- This command invites a user into the Whitelisted group, provided conditions are met.
    - `/revoke` -- This command revokes someone's invite. It can only be run by an OP or the user that initially invited the revoked user.

    - Three permission nodes:
    > `userwhitelist.invite` -- Allows users to invite other users.
    > `` -- Allows users to invite a specified number of users. `xxx` is a "permission level name" in the config file.
    > `userwhitelist.revoke` -- Allows users to revoke their own invited users.

    - Simple config files:
    > `config.yml` -- Contains default number of allowed users, group to promote to, and permission level names. If you've ever seen Essentials, you know how you can define the amounts of homes a user can use through a config value and a permission node. This is what I want to replicate with allowed users.
    > `users.yml` -- Keeps track of who invited who (and how many times) so that `/revoke` works, and users can't invite infinite other members.

    Where would I start with all of this? I do not want this to be a plugin request because I want to post it to Bukkit and make something myself. Thanks!!


    - Implement /invite command
    - Implement config.yml and users.yml
    - Implement permission checking
    - Implement /revoke command
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