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    I've looked at some whitelisting plugins and etheir I dont understand them at all or they are like I think they dont do what I am looking for, If you know of a plugin that can do what I want please send me the link but if it is a large plugin, say it has lots more features then what im looking for don't send me the link.
    Anyways im looking for a plugin, that I am able to give pemission to say a mod and let them white-list people with out being an op.
    ~ If I am being stupid for some reason I just don't know and there is a default permission for this or something please let me know.
    This shouldn't be a large plugin just a simple plugin with at least 1 command, ex: /whitelist add <playername>, the default command is a good example, make sure it doesn't conflict with the default command.
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    I'm not certain, but looking at Bukkit's code, it seems like these permissions exist:

    Let me know if I'm wrong, thanks.
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    Here is my personal favourite whitelisting-plugin. Click


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