Which plugin is causing lag?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by bloodless2010, Sep 30, 2013.

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    Okay; So I have a good handful of plugins on my server, and recently it started lagging and I'm not sure which one is causing it, how could I possibly find out which one is causing it? is there a way to measure i/o, CPU, or RAM usage by each one? in any way?
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    I haven't found such a tool. If you run Linux, you can use top -H to get some more information, but it will not show what each thread does, they are all named java.

    What plugins do you have? The more resource hungry I've found are stuff that moves things around, like NPC's and trains, some of which might always be active. Plugins that keep track of player movement are also expensive. Maybe you have too many WorldGuard regions? If you have Multiverse, also consider if you want the spawn area in all worlds loaded in memory at all time. You can disable it from the config.

    If players are exploring new areas, chunk generation can take a lot of processing power. To get around this, use world border to set a border around your world and fill it with chunks at night, when theres no one on the server.
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    ClearLagg. Once installed type /lag. Now what plugins are you running? And may i have the startup log?
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    bloodless2010 do /timings. Then it should have a log showing measurements you wished for. However I think it does it through Percentages of your CPU.
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