Which Multi-World plugin should McMyAdmin standardize on?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by PhonicUK, Apr 30, 2011.

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    I'm looking at adding Multi-World support to McMyAdmin, to let you backup multiple worlds and manage permissions for them separately.

    I understand there is more than one plugin that provides multi-world support, but obviously I don't want to support more than one. So I want to know what you guys think.

    Which plugin should McMyAdmin use as the 'standard' for multi-world support?
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    tha d0ctor

    MultiVerse Ftw!

    Phonic are you aware of any issues wit McMyAdmin and the recent RB that is causing lots of end of stream errors?
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    'RB' ?
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    Recommended Build
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    Ah, I have heard of people having issues - but its not MCMA related (Non-MCMA users having the same problem) - Mostly seems to be caused by outdated plugins.
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    tha d0ctor

    I narrowed mine down to stats and achievements and now it runs like a dream. Do you console filter out error dumps entirely because usually an end of stream error in the console tends to be much long? Would it be possible to include a feature that allows you to enable viewing all the console errors to help debug and narrow down to spcific plugins please. Thanks
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    Multiverse :)
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    I use AncientGates, and Essentials.

    It works great right now (other than the fact that backups aren't saved for my other 2 worlds)
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    Nathan C

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    Using WormHoleExteme Worlds at the moment as it doesn't need Permissions.

    Will be moving to MultiVerse when it get the ability to run without a Permission addon.
  13. My plugin WorldWarp runs with and without permissions too :>
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    i tried mutliverse once, i say that one
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    MultiVerse, it is just perfect.
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    Multi-Verse, most supported, most used, most features.
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    @PhonicUK MultiVerse, although the world creation commands and things like that cannot be done from the console, so I'm not sure how you would integrate a "Create a world" button.
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    multiverse. I can't wait until you make it. I have wanted to have multiverse permissions on mcmyadmin for so long now
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    Multiverse :p
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    multiverse i guess.
    is there any release date planned for the mcmyadmin update ?
    im still using an old version of mcmyadmin that supports permissions 2.7 because it was removed in the newer build but i would definitly update for multiworld permissions support. that sounds awesome.
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    permissions 3 + mcmyadmin permissions exporting + multi verse = FAIL

    mcmyadmin keeps overwriting new worlds and won't let you change anything.
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    That's because McMyAdmin doesn't support multiverse yet...

    If you want to use Multiverse at the moment, you can't use MCMAs exporters.
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    tha d0ctor

    MCMA is best with Essentials Groups Managers permissions IMO
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    im still on old MCMA using permissions 2.7 :D
    dont know why support for it got removed so quick because i imagine some pleople still want to use it until the new permissions system is all worked out.
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    Another vote for Multiverse here.
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    Multi vers is the one i like the most. I am playing with my sister on one world and with my communety on another.
    She thinks that McMyAdmin is awsome because she can control a server too! Keep up the good work!
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    Has there been any progress on this? Using McMyAdmin v0.9.7.0, Personal edition and as far as I can tell there is no mutliworld support. I can manager my own permissions if this is the case, just curious. Thanks!
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    Any updates on this? Also, Multiverse FTW.
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