Where should i start learning java?

Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by ExileCraft, Sep 4, 2011.

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    I Wanna make a Minecraft Client, and Start developing plugins!
    I have Multiple Ideas for Some plugins, but i dont know where to start?
    i've watched some of theNewBoston, but his videos got boring after e.8 for some Reason!
    Anyone have a good place where i should start to learn?
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    Sagacious_Zed Bukkit Docs

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  4. Tell him good luck ;), considering they're coded in Java.
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    Start with making plugins. Studying java with no way to apply it is useless.

    EDIT: I should really be more specific. Anyway, consider plugins that would be really easy to make. For instance, make a plugin that warps you when you break a glass block, or something like that. It could be completely random, just find something easy that will immerse you in programming.

    My first plugin was something where you could throw snowballs and they'd explode on impact. You can deal with the harder things like data storage and retrieval later. ;P
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    i can't believe you left me to die, thinking we were making a town plugin.

    On a side note:
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    "i can't believe you left me to die, thinking we were making a town plugin."
    Actually, I picked up the project again. I finished the main structure (saving, loading, permissions, town messages), but I just need to make the system to take user input. Right now my towns have to be made manually using the save files, so I just gotta take user input. Do you still want to help out, because this is my least favorite. :p
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    I'm actually in the middle of teaching my friend from roblox (small world, huh?) how to make plugins.
    We're gonna start some sort of dev team. :p
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