Where is CraftBukkit for Minecraft Beta 1.7.3?

Discussion in 'Bukkit News' started by EvilSeph, Jul 11, 2011.

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    When will we get a Recommended Build for Minecraft Beta 1.7.3? Why did this update take so long?
    When Minecraft Beta 1.7.3 came out, most of us on the team were not available at the time to deal with the update, causing the update to take longer than it usually would. As it was a small update, however, we were still eventually able to get a compatible build out for testing and people that like to be on the edge of technology.

    Unfortunately, around the same time the update came out, we were having issues with our build process, resulting in a complete halt of development and deployment and causing us to scramble to put together a temporary solution to address the issue in the meantime. While the team was able to do this in a reasonable amount of time, myself and another admin on the team was away out of town on a scheduled absence. This absence resulted in our inability to address any of the issues that came up until I got back Sunday evening, including our lack of communication which I'll explain in more detail later on in this article.

    So, having said all that, why isn't there a Recommended Build yet? Well, after Minecraft 1.7.2 came out, we thought that the rapid-fire Minecraft updates were done with and we could continue on with our usual development schedule and methods. Whenever we get wind of the possibility of an update, the project is immediately put under a code freeze - no more commits, unless absolutely necessary; no pull requests are handled; no changes are made whatsoever - so that we have a stable, non-changing base to work with when making changes to our code to make things compatible with the update that eventually comes out. Since we were under the impression the updates had ceased, we were slowly unfreezing the code and allowing commits once again. Unfortunately, as Minecraft 1.7.3 has come out since then, this has left the project in a messy state that isn't exactly suitable for promotion of a Recommended Build. Once we've cleaned things up again and addressed any issues that have come up through testing, we'll have a Recommended Build out soon after.

    Why did it take so long for an announcement to be made about the status of the update?
    Quite a few of you within the community have expressed concerns regarding the lack of communication on our end, to which I completely, and wholeheartedly agree. Truth be told, this last Minecraft update couldn't have come out at a worse time: quite a few of us on the team were not available over the weekend as we each had plans to go out of town, leaving many of us without access to internet or any ability to communicate any news with the community. Had we been able to communicate with you, I assure you we would have done so.

    We did not mean to leave you in the dark and sincerely apologise for doing so. We recognise that many people who came from hMod were not happy with the lack of communication between the development team and the community and addressing this issue was one of the main reasons I started up Bukkit with Dinnerbone. We completely understand that people have grown to depend on us to keep their servers up to date in a timely fashion and are very thankful for the patience everyone has shown while waiting for an update from us. To that end, we hope this post explains things thoroughly enough to show you that we appreciate your support and are still actively working hard on Bukkit.

    Lastly, since we know that some of you will ask anyway: yes we do have access to the Minecraft source, however we are not able to use the source to update CraftBukkit as their formats are incompatible. Our speedy updates are the result of a lot of experience and fine-tuning the update process we have, not due to having the source.
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    Totally understandable, you have lifes instead of building CB everyday ^^ good luck guys cant wait for the next RB
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    Great work on Bukkit and CB! I'm sorry to hear that the source isn't of much use for you guys :/

    Thanks as always for the amazing communication and lightning quick development pace! You guys rock!
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    This has probably been said before, but 1.7.3 was not made a 'Compulsarary' update for servers, so my server is still running quite happily and bug-free on 1.7.2 while my users are using 1.7.3.

    And: I'll echo everyone else in this thread, Thank you for your amazing server mod, and the lightning-fast updates, I can't play SMP without you!
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    Be a little less hard on yourselves, guys - you sound a lot more like a corporation, trying to avoid offending anybody, than a team doing a little something for the community.
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    This may or may not be true (I think it's a silly move on Mojang's part if true). It depends on how the new biomes work - it's a possibility that they'll be storing the biomes with the map data so that it can be manipulated more easily? If that is the case, all they need to do to convert from the old format is keep the code and map the results to the new format when converting the maps over.

    Mojang might make some silly moves, but to wipe out everything everyone has done in Minecraft for an update without offering a conversion for the maps - even Microsoft wouldn't do that.
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    Simon Welker

    Agree on "be a little less hard on yourselves"! You, bukkit team, are doing such a great job. Don't worry if you are not as fast as you usually are - and you are very - we all can understand this, I think. There's a life out there outside of Minecraft, I have heard. Haven't experienced much of this, hope you can, loljk :D
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    You use the //copy and //paste commands, but look into schematics using //load and //save. Both worlds need to be loaded on the server in order for this to work; but you can create a schematic of each of your buildings now, then load a new map and //load them back in if the new maps are incompatible.

    EDIT: If both worlds are loaded, you can just //copy from one and then go to the other and //paste. For now, use //copy then //save, and in your new map use //load then //paste.

    This shouldn't really be necessary thoough, I am fairly certain old maps will be convertable; they just won't have the new features (dungeons, NPC towns, etc) until you go out far enough to generate new chunks.

    I'm excited for 1.8, I can't wait to see what kind of mods we can come up with using all that new stuff! I hope they trickle things out slowly though, because it's going to be like updating Bukkit for a whole new game! I hope no one expects THAT to be quick...
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    Go out and enjoy yourselves... A few days aint gonna hurt anybody.
  10. Brilliant News :D
    Will this hopefully fix the issue with the time out requests? after a few hours of my server being up i either get "Read time out" <- in the console. not just the game. Or i get something about GC not having enough space. bearing in mind there is still 1GB left free in the VPS.
    Startup Code:
    screen -S minecraft java -Xms512M -Xmx768M -jar bukkit.jar nogui
    VPS Specs:
    2GB OpenVZ
    Unltd CPU (Quad core i believe)
    30gb space.
    CentOS 5 (running Sunjava instead of openjdk)
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    you could use worldguard to prevent ppl placing the sticky piston
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    @lusid I think "God damn hippies" is in place here :p

    Personally I find it odd you feel obliged to apologize to us. We should be thanking the Bukkit team, not bitching on them because a RB is taking a tad longer than people are used to. Besides that, people with a little skill can compile one for you if it's taking too long, just ask nicely ;)
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    Rich Boos

    Appreciate the news, but don't make excuses for yourselves. You have done plenty of work for freeloader to enjoy with no promise of donations. Many thanks for enabling a better-than-vanilla experience for everyone.
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    Thanks for the news ! All my players were afraid about this update ;)
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    Thanks! I'm using 953 right now, take your time :D
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    Uh oh, memory leak fix is what I'm most looking forward to.
    It's annoyng that server lags and finally freezes after an hour or two. I believe that it started around 953 build... using 977 now, and seems to be a little bit better, but problem still exist

    Anyway, thank you for your amazing work. ^^ Bukkit is awsome.
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    Thank you, now I have something to tell all the whiners on my server when it's coming.
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    Feel free to flame me, but I find their blog posting on this issue rather empty, full of excuses, and offers no solutions to any of the problems that happened during this update period.

    Great. In other words, you don't know how to use topic branches. Stable goes in stable. Development goes in development. When new MC build comes out, patch, merge, release. When development goes stable, merge, release, branch. Never a problem, and you will always have a build ready-to-go at any moment for an update, and development can continue as normal, and parallel to the Minecraft development schedule. The fact that the Bukkit team designed their entire build system around a development branch only, with no sync with the upstream release schedule, is an insane design choice.

    See previous comment. Your plan failed. You couldn't post a RB because you made poor design choices with your CI. This "code freeze" you speak of is a problem with your process, not upstream or software development in general. If better design choices were made for your codebase, this would never have been an issue.

    The team's CraftBukkit twitter account was highly active the day of the release and days after. If I was an idiot I might believe your excuses, but that's a load of crap and you know it. Come out and say that you messed up and you should have updated sooner on the status of the project I would respect you. Instead you went for the less honorable route of "make shit up so we don't look bad".

    Somebody on the team knew what was going on, but nobody wanted to come forward. Maybe for you, EvilSeph, that was a factual statement, but for the team as a whole, rubbish.
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    hi guys
    your newest jenkins update like 983 totally make multiverse multiworld support dissapear on my server
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    Meh, I agree with phrstbrn...to a point. These guys are doing a job for free because the like it. We all know what to expect out of free, not much.

    Minecraft is a very transient thing, people come and go, get bored, move, whatever. I appreciate what everyone is doing as much as I want to complain at times. I use bukkit, I use jobs as well as a bunch more. I dont write code so where would I be without them?

    I think if I want to point a finger and bitch at anyone, it would be Notch and Mojang. Blah, Blah, Blah, "Beta", "Notch is a god", "Doesnt owe us anything" Blah, Blah.

    It pisses me off that they think anyone cares about single player. (honestly show of hands)

    It pisses me of that he has made millions and hasn't thrown the bukkit guys $50k for consultation and put them on the team. (pretty sure that would solve this problem straight away.)

    I think they are schlepping a shitty, half done project that is only made complete by the people who hang around here, doing stuff because they love the game.

    Its exploitative, and notch is laughing all the way to the bank... And thats his right I guess.

    How many people think that Minecraft could be threaded by the bukkit guys? Modding Api? Better ram usage?

    Fuck that shit, we got pistons... That crash your server to the bare metal and corrupt yer map. "Sorry we forgot to test"

    Flame away.....
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    Seriously guys, I work in IT and we have support contracts for some of the software we use, which is routinely patched with hotfixes and version iterations. One in particular has a lot of flaws and I've opened a dozen tickets in the past year with this company. NEVER have they responded with an email as forthright, apologetic, and professional as your post about the 1.7.3 update ... and you're working for FREE! We paid upwards of 5 figures for their software and support!

    If I was ran a software dev company, I'd be trying to hire you guys right now. No joke, seriously. Keep up the awesome work, it's very much appreciated!

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    Not much reason to flame... its hard arguing against things that already happened.

    Ofcourse people can come up with interpretations and filling in motivations for others (they do THIS because..., he wants THAT but...)
    As usual, what you see is true, not the promisses/plans/supposed intentions.

    What I see is a Great Team of people who spend loads of free time to improve (make usable) a great game. All for free.
    Like @AlsoKnownAsJazz said, there is a multitude of 'companies' we PAY who dont even give half the service and dedication for a product that the Bukkit team gives us for free.
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    I'll tell ya'll the same thing I told the Order of the Stick author when he didn't update his comic for a few weeks. Thank you for providing this free service to us.
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    It's fine, ES. Nobody on my server has been disturbed by how the server is still running 1.7.2. All good. :)
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    The pistons aren't bugging at my server... I don't have any problems It works fine
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    They have a dupe in cb953 as that bukkit build server uses 1.7.2 " Check your console as it starts" willing to bet it says 1.7.2 server!

    Anyway youtube 1.7 Piston dupe and try that on your server you probably can do it. It is fixed in 1.7.3 and only the Development bukkit builds actually are using that version rightnow.
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    This for me does not answer the question on everyones minds!

    When is it?

    Any rough idea?
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    1+1=3 ? really? I'm thinking you're underestimating "hippies"

    All i'm saying is there is no need for me to know complex mathematics when i can have a computer solve it for me.

    I've managed to do quite abit in my life without any major knowledge of mathematics. For instance i'm a certified Networks Administrator...

    I don't know who the hell died and made you king of popetown :)

    YES i'm being a dick because you were. (i know i'm so childish)

    I wasn't trying to insult anyone, as you clearly were, I'm just trying to tell you that people can get along just fine without knowing complex mathematics..

    Even if they enjoy a good smoke at times ;)

    On an unrelated note i appreciate everything Bukkit does for the community, free of charge, but at the same time i recognize that there are alternatives out there, that have already been updated to 1.7.3. (with no bugs)

    Hehe :D
    1. In most of the tests here in Norway we were allowed to bring a Texas Intruments Calculator.
    2. We don't live in the Dark ages anymore (thank god)
    3. If this really happens i doubt we will have any real use for math :p

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    No big deal, MC is in beta! Bukkit Team FTW!
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    MC is a beta , we all use that excuse on a constant basis. After every patch however the bukkit team scrambles to make this beta into a properly working customizable platform .... that being said , I fully agree with monstertke
    Notch SHOULD just hire the bukkit team as their multiplayer development team I've said it so many times before.
    how much would it take out of his millions of dollars to HIRE A DEV TEAM THAT COMPETENTLY DEVELOPS MULTIPLAYER FOR HIS GAME ...
    obviously nobody involved with mojang can produce a multiplayer capable client, and as notch sells more and more copies of his wonderful brainchild he gets pushed more and more towards a release date, ( Which will be horribly shoddy, and an excuse for him to stop adding to minecraft ) this WILL NOT be possible without a functioning development team full of individuals who want MP to WORK ! as opposed to being simply acceptable and cashing their cheques
    Now I think we all know a fully staffed development team who has been working on mp dev for nothing and is more than capable of continuing to do so .
    Lets hope Notch offers you guys a career/job instead of the assholes who flock to give him a resume knowing that he is worth millions.
    the bukkit team has done more than mojang has for MP which IS what minecraft is intended for... nobody gives a shit about single player minecraft. Good job guys !
    Notch's new ceo (if we should even call him that) looks like the guy wakes up in the morning sticks his face in notch's safe and breathes a mighty whiff of CASHMONEY then grins like a sinister pedophile.
    IMO that greedy sob would HAPPILY drive mojang into a shit company like blizzard in a heartbeat and keep whispering into notch's ear "think of the money notch your new boat and island in bermuda people will play whatever you release" all while asking notch for another raise because of his "leadership" and promotion of a release date...
    I hate seeing greedy pricks being welcomed into mojang It will ruin his amazing game .
    But really how much of his profit would it eat up to have you guys be the MP dev team so his game WORKS PROPERLY ONLINE it would benefit him and at the same time he could fire some of the cash seeking employee's that are turning his game to the dark side
    Thank you bukkit for all of your hard work, the nights spent up, the fully committed support, the code thats in your head right now, the can of redbull on your desk, the nights I spent up playing minecraft, allowing me to create the most brutal mp server ive ever touched, for creating thousands of mp servers that range in diversity from freebuild happy lands to hardcore survival worlds, the amazing structures that would never be created in singleplayer and ... just ... thank you for minecraft
    Thank you bukkit team !
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    Keep it up guys - you and everyone else that is contributing in the tiniest way to keep Bukkit moving forward deserves nothing but our greatest appreciation, this little inconvenient situation is nothing compared to all the goodies we get out of the project - feels nice that you apologize and all but you should not feel bad about it at all, just a little bad luck, tis' all =)
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