When will CraftBukkit for 1.3 be released?

Discussion in 'Bukkit News' started by EvilSeph, Jul 27, 2012.

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    With the Minecraft 1.3 release date fast approaching, a lot of people are wondering when we will be releasing a CraftBukkit Recommended Build for Minecraft 1.3. We hope this short announcement will answer those questions.

    Due to the size of the impending 1.3 update, we are unable to guarantee that we'll have a compatible CraftBukkit Recommended Build out in time for the release of Minecraft 1.3. Although we started working on the update immediately after the Minecraft 1.3 preview was made available to the public, a lot of things were added, removed and changed in Minecraft from 1.2.5 and, as such, this update requires more work than usual to get things up and running. That being said, we'll continue to do our best to get an update out within a reasonable amount of time and will likely follow our usual policy of promoting the first Recommended Build the moment we get something that compiles and runs without any testing done whatsoever.

    As we have done a significant amount of important work on CraftBukkit 1.2.5 builds since our last RB, we'll be promoting a new Recommended Build shortly. This is done so that people have a reliable, stable build to use until we can get a 1.3 compatible build out and so that everyone who relies on Recommended Builds are able to take advantage of all the fixes, improvements and so on we've done since the last 1.2.5 RB.

    Thank you for your patience, understanding and continued support; we greatly appreciate it!
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    with the newest dev build players keep getting an endofstream message and are unable to connect
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    Actium Praetor

    1.2.5 clients will get "end of stream" instead of a more useful "outdated client" warning. I believe that was already submitted as a bug.
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    the people getting on have 1.3.1 on another one is very laggy chat
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    i think the lag issue actually got a bit worse in this version of dev idk why though :confused: i really hope lag gets fixed xD
    anyway thanks alot bukkit team! i know you guys are doing your best!
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    John Pufnak

    When is bukkit 1.3.1 coming i wanna make a server
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    If you read some comments you will see there is no eta for the recommended build for craft bukkit however if you want to run a 1.3.1 server there are development build you can use at dl.bukkit.org.
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    If you check the Github, you can see they are working hard to get an RB out, just use the dev build right now, and leave them alone.
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    Thanks dude, got my server in 1.2.5 so idk where to get the recommended build for 1.3
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    There is NO RB YET! Use the dev build like everyone else.
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    um what happens if ur host dosent use dev build,are u just screwed,

    oh and lol i have 10 people on my server,but i still dont have any plugins

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    then downgrade back to 1.2.5 there is something for that called mc nostalgia
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    They buy server parts and put together servers then slap linux on their.
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    Well I must be smarter than your "average minecrafter" I always keep a backup of the origanal .jar file from when it comes out...
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    I also am using a DevBuild, and have had very few problems.
    List of all shortcommings at this point:
    TP causes extreme Lag and missing chunks (most often the one I TP to)
    When restarting the server I noticed some block were missing from the chunks people were in at the time of restart (This is several builds ago).

    So, all in all, with that list, I am really glad I started running the DevBuild because my server is now running MineCraft 1.3.1 .
    I would have no qualms recomending using the latest DevBuilds at this point.
    Best of luck to you.
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    The problem I am having is the server host i'm using doesn't allow for connecting to dev builds which is a nightmare.
    Been trying to avoid posting in this topic because it literally is a shitstorm of arguments and stupid retorts lacking wit and nothing good will come of it.
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    fight the irony.
  18. only bug im getting is when a player does /spawn they fall out of the world cuz the chunk didnt load
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    Hey sorry if you consider this one of the annoying Bukkit 1.3 questions, I was wondering if you have a specified date on when you will release Bukkit 1.3. Or how much longer 'til Bukkit 1.3 will be released. Please reply I really want to know :)
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    Damn. I can't wait until a RB comes for 1.3, hehe.
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    *loads shotgun*


    Seriously... stop asking.

    There is no definite release date. It will be released as soon as it has been properly tested.
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    HAve 1.3 already been tested? :O
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    We have only had few issues with lava and water buckets, everything works smoothly on our server.

    (Except Grief Prevention after newest dev build I think)

    I do not regret using development build :p
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    Slightly different arguments but pretty much yes
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    Everything seeming fine to me, except sometimes the same issue as lynxwolf, and also does anyone have an issue with the Dispenser Refill plugin? I get the message 'This dispenser is now infinite' and then it promptly runs out of ammo, plugin error?
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    when is it coming out
  28. I know it takes time and I appreciate that, but i feel it's taking too long. Bukkit provides us with the best minecraft servers you could imagine, however when the shiny new update is released we have to wait a few weeks to update our amazing servers. You guys do an amazing job but could you at least post an update acknowledging that 1.3 has been released and we are working on it or something. Being kept in the dark just drives the eagerness
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    They are working on it.. multiple dev builds come out every single day :)
    Though it would be nice indeed if they would give us a status on how the work is progressing.
  30. Really? Am I able to download it?
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    when is it coming out i need my server back but good to know anyway please can you tell me i really need to tell the guys i'm working with on my server :)

    i also need to update my plugins so they can use them my server is literary running on a thread

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