When will CraftBukkit for 1.3 be released?

Discussion in 'Bukkit News' started by EvilSeph, Jul 27, 2012.

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    With the Minecraft 1.3 release date fast approaching, a lot of people are wondering when we will be releasing a CraftBukkit Recommended Build for Minecraft 1.3. We hope this short announcement will answer those questions.

    Due to the size of the impending 1.3 update, we are unable to guarantee that we'll have a compatible CraftBukkit Recommended Build out in time for the release of Minecraft 1.3. Although we started working on the update immediately after the Minecraft 1.3 preview was made available to the public, a lot of things were added, removed and changed in Minecraft from 1.2.5 and, as such, this update requires more work than usual to get things up and running. That being said, we'll continue to do our best to get an update out within a reasonable amount of time and will likely follow our usual policy of promoting the first Recommended Build the moment we get something that compiles and runs without any testing done whatsoever.

    As we have done a significant amount of important work on CraftBukkit 1.2.5 builds since our last RB, we'll be promoting a new Recommended Build shortly. This is done so that people have a reliable, stable build to use until we can get a 1.3 compatible build out and so that everyone who relies on Recommended Builds are able to take advantage of all the fixes, improvements and so on we've done since the last 1.2.5 RB.

    Thank you for your patience, understanding and continued support; we greatly appreciate it!
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    FactionCraft UK

    I can see you are stressed, Trust me your not alone, I have people on my site posting random stuff constantly , Jeeze!...
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    For the people whining about your servers.
    If you care that much, code something youself.

    The Bukkit team doesn't HAVE to even code this, but they are.

    And for the ones saying that it makes their server suck, NO SERVERS ARE UPDATED!
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    haha Pruned, love it TnT :D
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    FactionCraft UK

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    This reminds me of the old fashioned progress bars... banana = yellow, orange = in the middle, light red =close but not there yet... would cherry% be the next stage... ? dark red
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    Will do, my most knowledgeable friend, TnT.
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    FactionCraft UK

    You Sir Deserve An Award, I don't have one to give you so Ill like your post!
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    he's playing on the Fruit%'s... :p
  10. LOL ikr that was pretty funny and came up with good thought

    He does i will like it too, he deserves it

    there liked it :D and TnT, how close are you guys to releasing 1.3.1craftbukkit?

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    How do you quote peoples posts?
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    FactionCraft UK

    Click the little Reply Button on the right of the post
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    What if the bukkit site had a Chat Room page... could you imagine? we could really be discussing this update thing really well.
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    click on reply next to the post :)
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    FactionCraft UK

  16. between 80% to 90%?
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    thanks matey :D
    keep up the good work bukkit team, we all love you! *screams like a small girl*
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    Ok got some food, read through the posts (egads people) and see we are at Strawberry% AWESOME!

    Only so many fruits in that basket left to go!

    "bukkit made my server suck"

    Hmmm. I'll be nice and not even touch that one. lol.
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    how close ( 1.3.1 craftbukkit ) to being finished?
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    Come on bukkit! Lets go! You can do it!
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    FactionCraft UK

    Depends really, is it a whole strawberry, That's the question you should be asking
  22. that google doc thing HAS to be wrong UK, cuz theyre more than 3.32% done for SURE
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    if your in windows 7
    go to start and in the search area type "%appdata%"
    if your in any other version of windows go to Run and type type "%appdata%"

    it will open a window with a .minecraft folder
    open .minecraft
    open bin

    replace minecraft.jar with the old one.
    start minecraft
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    Keep up the good work TnT! Nice to see a staff member keeping us informed despite all the trash thats posted in here.
  25. true, idk what the <fruit>% percentages mean in completion, anyone help me with that?
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    I feel your pain my friend, I feel your pain.
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    FactionCraft UK

    If its a whole strawberry, Usually 70% Half a strawberry, That I do not Know :L
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  29. i bet theyre at 75% i would say or more i bet theyre into the next fruit%, but not whole or MAYBE half
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    The hill on fire was in fact awesome. Please find the time to share more screen shots of the development process if at all possible.
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