When Will Bukkit Update?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by Swiftist, Jul 1, 2011.

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    I have looked everywhere but I can't seem to find a time when everyone can update with the new version of CraftBukkit? I would love to at least know an estimated time. Please help out! If there is already a version how people are playing can I get a download link?
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    Deleted user

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    first link, last post dated april

    second link 502 error

    to original poster, once notch stops releasing bug fixes (ie 1.7 becomes stable) the bukkit team will start the long hard job of getting craftbukkit up to date and promote a recommand build. then plugin developers will get thier plugins up to date with the new RB as and when they can.

    Eta, anything from a day to a week

    or you can grab a beta version of craft bukkit and risk an unstable server just for pistons
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    there twitter said sometime tomorrow or today seeing as notch is fixing the pistons crash problem
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    1.7.2 is out ! Notch fixed the piston bugs :)

    EDIT: Presure Plates now working on top of a block on Pistons :) No more crashes.
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    Why is there a 502 Bad Gateway error when I try to access the dev builds? Also the RSS feed can't be loaded. Any news on what happened there? Yesterday the dev builds for 1.7 and 1.7_01 came quite quickly so I could test them, now it's not possible :(
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    I have the same problem .. i think the server is under heavy load ..
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    Deleted user

    First link = doesn't matter when the post was. The thread is locked but it's still stickied meaning it's still important to read. It has general information on it that basically states to not keep asking when Bukkit will update and there won't be an exact time for releases.
    Second link - Is always used for downloading the builds. Site error.
    Even when a recommended build is out you can almost always get something off of that list that'll work.
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