When will Bukkit be updated for Minecraft 1.6?

Discussion in 'Bukkit News' started by EvilSeph, May 26, 2011.

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    Staff Update - July 1, 2013:
    This thread is not from 2013. This thread is about the 2011, BETA version of Minecraft 1.6. There is no ETA for the 2013 Minecraft 1.6 update, as always. Please do not ask staff about when an update will happen, as they have no estimate for you. Again, this thread is not relevant to today's update.

    Update 2 - June 23, 2011 at 9:12PM EST:
    New Recommended Build #928.

    This Recommended Build addresses a few API issues and provides Plugin Developers with more events to work with, allowing more awesome plugins to be made. Unfortunately, this new RB WILL break some plugins (mostly plugins that deal with controlling a player's movement - details can be found near the end of this announcement). As always, please be sure to backup your server before updating just in case!

    See this post for more information.

    Update - May 30th, 2011 at 5:55PM EST:
    Since the release of Minecraft 1.6, we've seen quite a few rapid-fire bugfix updates from Mojang addressing issues the community has noticed and reported back on. While we're glad Mojang are on top of things and getting updates out there quickly to improve the community's experience, this does result in extra work on our part since we have to re-do some of the work we've completed for the previous update. As a result, I made the decision to hold off on getting a build out for Minecraft 1.6 until we were able to evaluate the update and decide if that is what we feel we should do or not.

    Over the weekend, that is what we have been busy doing. Unfortunately, I was out of town and unable to handle the situation as much as I would have liked, leading to a lack of communication on our part with you guys, our community. Nevertheless, my team was happily and diligently working on the update and in regular contact with me. Still, I would like to apologise for our lack of communication, I simply was not in a position to do so.

    That being said, we have noticed a few issues with the update that we've been able to address, so we are leaning towards bringing out a build for Minecraft 1.6.5. Though this build may not address all the issues we've found, it is still usable and produces a playable server with a decent experience. However, I am not yet sure if this build will qualify for recommendation.

    Please bear this in mind when using the build: it is not fully supported (though we welcome detailed, useful bug reports) and not recommended (we can't guarantee stability) to use. There are some Minecraft vanilla issues that Mojang need to address that are beyond the scope of our project to fix and we are still touching things up (like Nether/multiworld support).

    If you want to use the build we'll be pushing soon, please backup your server and make sure you understand the risks before doing so. Once again, we cannot guarantee that it won't eat your cake or spawn tiny creeper babies that take over your world.


    As I'm sure we're all aware, Mojang released Minecraft 1.6 today (Thursday, May 26, 2011) around 5AM EST and we've been hard at work getting a build out that is compatible with Minecraft 1.6 out. Since the release, Minecraft has seen quite a few small bugfix updates addressing some unnoticed bugs and we've pretty easily kept up with them. Unfortunately, there appear to be some issues with the update that is making the game unplayable for SMP players, so we've decided to wait for a bugfix update before we recommend any builds.

    Will there be a CraftBukkit for Minecraft 1.6?
    Given the reports of showstopping bugs present in 1.6, there's a high chance a new bugfix update for Minecraft will be out tomorrow or even several times this week. As a result, it is unlikely we will be releasing a Recommended Build for 1.6 until we have something stable to work with.

    That being said, we recommend everyone stay on 1.5 for a while until the showstopping issues are fixed and we can get a new, stable, compatible build out.

    You can already get CraftBukkit for Minecraft 1.6.4, but it is unsupported and not recommended.

    I'll be scouring the internet for further reports on how Minecraft 1.6 is performing, but preliminary research and our own testing has revealed it as unplayable due to chunks sporadically loading or not loading.
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    I think Minecraft Server version 1.6.4 works with client version 1.6.5, though this probably isn't an optimal set up. However this, by extension means that 815 can run with client version 1.6.5.
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    lol, while these idiots are in here demanding updates I'm actually enjoying the opportunity to play on my server without having to deal with idiot gamers (the ones that updated their client right away) - I've gotten a stack of mining done and not had to answer one dumb question - it's awesome.
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    Ah. Yeah it will connect to 815 (1.6.4) just fine. But the 1.6.4 bugs make it unplayable with chunks not loading in. I thought people actually had 815 build using the 1.6.5 minecraft jar somehow.
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    Yeah definitely working but buggy as all hell - it's playable so if your desperate it's not too bad but if you have a userbase that hasn't updated, stick with 1.5
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    god this sh** is pissing me off

    The server software doesn't stop crashing, it even crashed the entire GNOME desktop on my server yesterday. Throwing exceptions all the time too
    At first i stayed in 1.5 but i kept seeing everyone try to connect and getting an outdated server message so i had no choice but to install 1.6

    Please guys stop sucking on notch's wand, he's an asshole and an incompetent. Making people pay 15 euros for a beta ? come on ! He made MILLIONS already but 2 days ago he decided that he didn't have enough money yet and that it would be a good idea to put a stupid message on unregistered versions of the game to harass players. Now that would be perfectly OK if the current quality of the game was worth 15, but it's not. It's not even limited to the game itself: the guy is a multimillionaire and he can't buy good servers and bandwidth for his customers ? what the hell. He should also really look into employing more programmers, maybe people who actually know what they're doing instead of being a money grubbing asshole

    The worst thing is that i actually bought the game. I wish i could undo that

    I wonder what he needs to do before you guys realise what a dick he is. maybe put a big F*** YOU on the front page of minecraft.net ?

    But then again it's all coming from someone who decided that it would be a good idea to use Java to develop a 3D game. Makes me wonder if he really should be a member of MENSA.

    I really hope open source clones like minetest take off so we can finally enjoy a good game developed properly. (and don't say it would be plagiarism, minecraft wasn't even an original idea)

    Oh and i forgot to thank the bukkit community for doing good work even though what they're given to work with is of poor quality
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    I don't regret buying the game, but to me Bukkit makes the game very enjoyable to host and play on. If it was only default MC, with the default look (no texture packs) I think I had left it months ago.

    A big thanks goes out to Bukkit.
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    I agree without mods this game would have died, notch needs to show some appreciation.
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    Once this finally gets sorted out, Bukkit will receive a donation from me :)
  10. meh everyone entitled to their own opinions but still......
    you mad? really?
    i feel sorry for you,
    nothing can be perfect....
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    yes, i mad
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    can any one tell me how to downgrade to minecraft 1.502
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    Oh I wouldn't want you to laugh - but if you go back a bit in this very thread you'd see that some had bugs where even crafting and using a map would crash minecraft while others, like me, have no problems with that whatsoever. It's obviously so that there are many factors influencing how easy the bugs are to find and how often they manifest themselves.

    Could be :) Myself I thought I was pretty great at it - as "senior" and "leader" for many many years before moving on. You're free to point out which details in my post you think weren't correct - although my original proposal to you as moderators still stands: All this whining should be in a completely different thread.

    On topic:

    In my last post on how well things worked on our server I still used b814. With no other changes but upgrading to b815 there are a few new errors in the log, but it doesn't seem to affect the players (who are still on 1.6.4, no changes there either):

    All player quits generate a [SEVERE] java.net.SocketException: Broken pipe error - from net.minecraft.server.NetworkWriterThread.run(SourceFile:108), and the server regularly claims it cannot keep up which it didn't before.
  14. well Someone need to get there fuse checked, getting mad at a game, not the way to go,
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    What do you mean 1.6.4 is Unsupported and Not Recommended? :confused:
    If its the same guy who makes the Recommended Builds?
    Shouldn't they all be supported if we trust this guy? :)
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    It means, that they are not tested enough for releasing it officially.
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    Okay thanks timwolla ;)
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    ... and after a very quick check it seems updating clients to 1.6.5 while still running the server on 1.6.4+b815 is a fully functional combination. CPU usage and lag way down on the clients at least.
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    Please bukkit, just one new :'(
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    I think you all have forgotten that Minecraft is a BETA VERSION!!!
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    I don't want to complain but a few updates from the Bukkit guys would be nice. At the moment I am unsure if we will see a 1.6.5 bukkit (Notch has said he wants to update next week) and I would just like some news rather than being kept in the dark.
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    Marcos Pereira

    Link for the 1.6.5 unsupported version? please
    i dont mind if its buggy. i wanna make my house with trapdoors. lol
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    Don't we all... don't we all
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    there isn't a 1.6.5 yet just 1.6.4
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    @jamescosten We're all sick of it, unfortunately there will always be lazy, arrogant and immature children who don't read, wait patiently or understand that this is a project delivered through the good hearts of the Bukkit team and community.

    Not to mention that Minecraft is still beta and Mojang AB have no obligation to keep it working perfectly at this stage.
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    Hey, guys ....

    Only 2 possibilities ...

    1 .get your serveur on the 1.6 in vanilla mod ( if you tell : i've paid for it ... )
    2. keep tour serveur on 1.5 ... you've never paid for bukkit team work.

    No other possibilities for now ( or even try the unstable bukkit release )

    Keep in mind ... minecraft is JUST a game
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    They have told us...Minecraft 1.6 still isn't stable. This means that there's no point in trying to make CB for it because your game is still gonna suck and crash a lot. IIRC they did actually make a 1.6 CB but it has so many bugs because of all the bugs in MC.
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    They do this for free on their own time, so it isn't out of order at all. (whatever the hell that means)

    They are probably waiting for Notch to stop playing Terraria and fix the vanilla game so they have something stable to work with.
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    again this thread is going way off topic...
    people are impatient so they start to rant and rant and rant.
    then the rant turns into trolling the trolling into insults that turn into a flame war.
    the staff is BUSY trying to make a stable release so just leave them alone.
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    I fully respect that they're busy, they could still take a minute to post us something :/
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    I love this. The song becomes catchy after an hour
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