When will Bukkit be updated for Minecraft 1.5?

Discussion in 'Bukkit News' started by EvilSeph, Apr 20, 2011.

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    We have completed the update to Minecraft 1.5_02 (and have had it done for a while now) and are working out a few issues before we promote a recommended build. A TEST ONLY build is available but we highly recommend that you wait until we promote a Recommended Build before putting it on your production server.

    You can find the latest test build on ci.bukkit.org. Please note, though, that if you don't already know how to get it, you probably shouldn't be using it. Only Recommended Builds have gone through extensive testing. Anything else could result in unforeseen problems like Bukkit eating your cake or your world. You have been warned.


    Common Problems/Questions:
    What's the first build that works with Minecraft 1.5_02
    The first CraftBukkit build that works with Minecraft 1.5_02 was made available 2 days ago and is build #689. However, it is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that if you are running the test builds, you always stay up to date as we usually fix bugs, exploits and improve stability.

    I downloaded build 714 but got some other build!
    You're probably reading the version string incorrectly.

    Here's an example version string:
    git-Bukkit-0.0.0-686-g71ef92a-b714jnks (MC: 1.5_02)

    This version string is for build 714, as you can tell by the "b714jnks" at the end.

    Whenever I use a plugin that changes blocks, I can't see the changes until I reconnect!
    We had an issue with blocks not updating properly but this has since been fixed from build #707. This bug affected plugins that changed blocks in game, like WorldEdit.

    Help! My console keeps getting spammed with this error whenever someone gets kicked or disconnects and it lags the server!
    This is a bug we've fixed from build #701 onwards.

    I can't build or destroy anything! Help!?
    The common cause of this issue is a client mod called Single Player Commands, please try uninstalling all your client mods and seeing if this fixes the issue. If this is the case, then it isn't a Bukkit issue and you should contact the author of the mods you use.

    Every time I connect to the server and load a sign, the client crashes. What's wrong?
    Minecraft 1.5 has added limits for sign text. Plugin developers commonly used longer sign text to store extra data or add colours to signs. This is no longer possible, so we now cut off any line in a sign longer than 15 characters (as of build #712).

    I get kicked when flying and am told that flying hasn't been enabled on this server. How do I enable flying?
    Minecraft 1.5 added anti-flying checks. You can enable flying by setting allow-flight=true in server.properties.

    Whenever I try to send a long message in chat, it gets cut off at roughly two lines.
    A limit on chat has been added with Minecraft 1.5. This is one of the issues we're hoping to address before we promote a Recommended Build.

    Help! When I use the CLI arguments to set ports (or any setting), the server always starts up on 25565 or ignores the setting!
    There was a bug that prevented the server from reading settings passed through CLI arguments. This has since been fixed from build #706 onwards.

    The easiest fix for most problems is to update to the latest Bukkit test build.


    As is the case with every Minecraft update, we saw our usual influx of extra traffic from people wondering if we have a build of CraftBukkit working with the Minecraft update seconds after release (seriously). Usually, you'd see a pretty standard post from me stating we're working on an update and providing the usual advice that you aren't forced to update. However, this time there was a distinct lack of communication from the team regarding the status of the update, other than the usual "we're working on it". Couple this with the slow development occurring lately and we can forgive people for posting the expected "is Bukkit dead?" or "what's going on?" posts. I hope this post will explain everything.

    Will there be a CraftBukkit for Minecraft 1.5?
    Given the reports of showstopping bugs present in 1.5, there's a high chance a new bugfix update for Minecraft will be out tomorrow or even several times this week. As a result, it is unlikely we will be releasing a 1.5 compatible build and, instead, will be waiting for something stable to work with.

    Due to the nature of the project and the methods we use to provide Bukkit for Minecraft, any update - no matter how small - requires us to figure out the mapping of obfuscated classes and update our code. This takes a lot of time and work, so hopefully you understand our decision.

    Having said all this, we recommend that you stay on 1.4 for a while until the patch storm subsides if your server depends on Bukkit.

    Further, I wanted to apologise for the lack of communication regarding this update. I was really hesitant announcing this since it would only serve to disappoint and annoy people, however, I noticed quite a few supportive comments on here and IRC that pushed me to post this announcement because the people that have supported us through everything deserve it.

    Why are things so quiet? Why is the update taking so long?
    Before I answer this, I think it is appropriate to cover what usually happens when we're aware of an update coming soon. Whenever we recieve word of a Minecraft update (which, contrary to popular belief, is generally the same time as everyone else), we place all development in the Bukkit project under a code freeze to prepare for the update and make things easier. That being said, last week thursday we were expecting a Minecraft update and appropriately placed the project under a code freeze. Unfortunately, the update was delayed and pushed to the next week, resulting in a much longer code freeze than normally occurs. Naturally, this lead to activity within the project seeming critically lower than it really was and prompted some people to post the inevitable "what's going on?" thread.

    On top of the code freeze, we're working on some larger changes to Bukkit or CraftBukkit that require quite a bit of time to complete and will only be commited to the public code when they are ready. Quite often you'll find that, while you don't see any updates, we definitely are still working hard programming awesome things and appreciate your patience and support.

    So why is this update taking so long? After we had updated for Minecraft 1.4, we came across some annoying chunk related issues and bugs that were incredibly difficult to pinpoint due to confusion with the new obfuscated names mappings (d -> c and c -> d). Naturally, these kinds of issues were unacceptable for the project and we immediately got to work on improving our update process to avoid issues of this nature in the future. While I think we can all agree with this decision, the unfortunate result is the delay we're currently facing since we're not yet done improving the process. The good news is, we're nearly done improving our update handling process and the wait will definitely be worth it come future updates.

    Thank you for your patience and understanding!
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    Firstly, no. That makes no sense. It could take days to make the new build. Not saying it will, but it could. Don't make assumptions, they get you no where, apart from here asking "is bukkit for 1.5 out yet". Secondly, if you have an OCD, don't update. Simple as, you don't need to.

    No it doesn't. Give people that then they'll say "is it done yet" every 5 minutes. Do you ask "are we there yet" before you get in the car? No, you don't. Which is why we don't give progress reports.
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    i didnt update. and actually it would reassure me a little to know when u guys atleast start. thats all im asking.
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    They have no reason to, for example take Apple. Apple doesn't like people jailbreaking their iDevices just like Mojang doesn't want people modding their clients and servers. People jailbreak iPhone and iPod touches and apple cant do anything about it legally so they make it harder to downgrade to older firmwares that can be jailbroken. This dosent work very well because people can save their shsh blobs. In minecraft, people can borrow older versions from other people. I hope this makes things a little clearer.
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    makes sense
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    Since they haven't specifically said they won't update Bukkit to 1.5_02 (since they did say that about 1.5) I would just assume the Bukkit team are now working with 1.5_02. The more time we distract them here means the longer it'll take them to release a build.
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    I suppose it is a shame people will take reports like the word of God and question every detail. Anywho, hopefully it won't be too long now. Need to try out some new Minecart stations!
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    Maybe it's time for you guys to write a deobfuscator.
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    I'd stand by him as if you don't like it shut up and move on. Nothing is making you play or contribute to the forums. I have mad respect for the people coding as I'm about as ignorant as it comes when I'm not using HTML/CSS but I also have mad respect for the people who have to deal with the sh*t-show known as the public forums. Coding is stressful but I'm 100% positive I'd rather deal with bugs than people.

    Soon as my paycheck comes in I'll throw some money your way Bukkit-team as I've come to know/love your work and the community it has created!
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    RightLegRed is because of a different game which I played. I "repress" all comments because this is a Bukkit thread and I haven't deleted a post/thread against bukkit yet. The title is not "moan about mc". In no way do I help Notch. I don't even look at his twitter. Now, I'm not a PR agent. Far from it, I've been told off for giving too much information out at points. I'll delete that post, but I'll keep this in the quote.

    I'd like to remind you that we do more than moderate. We sort plugins and bug test. We aren't just people with the ability to ban. Also, if you're banned from the forums then it bans you from ci and the rest of the site. So you won't be able to download, just saying.

    You need to read up on obfuscating methods. It isn't as easy as that.
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    go eat a [creeper], jonathanyc
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    Post 1: Fling Shit
    Post 2: Fling Shit @ Shit
    Post 3: Shit explosion mid air
    Post 4: -deleted-
    Post 5: Stop flinging shit
    Post 6: Fling shit at person not flinging shit.
    Post 7: Forget to Rinse and Repeat Anyway.

    Boy forums sure are fun when somebody wants something.
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  13. Wow people...just...wow.
    Bukkit servers have been knocked out (barring people who didn't update to 1.5 of course) for ONE DAY and we're up to 12 pages QQ and raging?

    Why is no one asking the really important question here?


    I ask this having just stood in my first SSP lightning storm (which I've been cheerfully playing most of the day, oblivious to the great wailing and gnashing of teeth that appears to be going on here) - the new weather effects scared the shit out of me - I was mining near the adminium level at the time and heard a BOOM - rushed up to find my roof on fire \o/

    As a server admin for a small group of friends - I'd love the ability to control the lightning from my floating wizards tower =]

    Sorry for derailing the rage thread - you may continue.
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  14. More Specificly will there be a hook for plugins to be able to control the weather?
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    We're not sure if weather is configurable. Hopefully, looks like a feature I'd love to mess with. But of course, controlling via redstone would require a plugin.

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    Sorry I know y'all are working hard. But please hurry up a little or tell us how close you are to finishing thanks
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    I'm sure there will be. It's a server-side event. Plenty of opportunity to be creative :)
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    your gonna get flamed for this LOL
  19. I have every faith that someone's java voodoo skills will make it a possibility.

    For now, I'm just gonna stare longingly at the lever I just installed in the wall signposted "WRATH OF GOD".
    Also contemplating writing out the entirety of Ezekiel 25:17 on signs near it. >=]

    For all the haters in this thread, could I offer a suggestion - boot up single player and remind yourselves why you fell in love with this game to begin with. It'll make getting minecart mania, permissions, iconomy and all the sweet, sweet bukkity goodness even more special when we get it back =]

    Now if you'll excuse me, I'm gonna go play me some minecraft...

    (and a huge thanks to those people commited enough to NOT play it while they develop bukkit and it's associated plugins)
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    Someone less lazy than me needs to start a petition to get Notch to show / give Bukkit team members Minecraft code several days early. I was under the impression Mojang was actually in a dialog with you guys, and hoping that meant no more deobfuscating his buggy code.

    I, for one, completely understand your decision, and have no problem staying on 1.4.
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    this is kind of funny, scrolling down and EVERY SINGLE NAME says Online
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    Agreed Syco
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    -facepalm- Care to help them out a bit?
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    This saddens me. I already wasn't looking forward to having the weather randomly pouring rain down on me, or shoving a hail storm up my butt as I mine, but knowing it could destroy the buildings I've made with fire really makes me wonder what the point is. I'm hoping that has some sort of configuration or that a plugin can be developed to prevent it.

    What saddens me more though is seeing all the petty whining going on in this thread. I like to come on and check for progress too, but instead have to read through 12 pages of "he said, she said, I'm going to jump off a cliff" rubbish. The devs are working or not working as the case may be depending on if they deem 1.5_02 stable enough (though looking at the bug reports I don't understand why anybody would want to update yet) and they will make an announcement when it is ready, not before. Peace.
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    I would just like to say that i love Bukkit, and they should take their time making this update, i'm sure it will be well worth it.
  28. Fear not Khamseen, although the rain lasted a good 10 minutes, the lightning bolt that hit my roof appears to have been a fluke, all the other strikes I observed from my hastily rebuilt guard tower (stone roof, natch) were far off towards the horizon. Time lapse between them varied from around 30 seconds up to a minute or so, but spatial separation was huge.

    Unsure whether the bolt actually did the damage to the roof (ie via explosion) or if fire burned a few blocks before the rain doused it. Either way it was very impressive, and allowed for a little maintenance - all of which helped my attachment with my home, it wasn't just another shack I'd cobbled together and the lightning strike helped the imersion.

    I found myself staring at my crop fields, wondering if they'd burn too? =]

    SMP weather is going to be fun - we're all gonna be making skins with waders on to go splashing in the puddles.
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    That's not quite so bad then. My greatest fear is that on our SMP server I've built a giant tree with houses and shops and offices in it and I think I may actually shed a tear if it burned down haha. :)
    (Yes I'm sad and I realise this.... Don't judge me! :p )
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    "it is unlikely we will be releasing a 1.5 compatible build and, instead, will be waiting for something stable to work with"

    Can you guys get in touch with Notch to meet with him so he's not screwing you guys every two weeks? I care more for stable servers than I do new features from Notch every two weeks. I think Notch really needs to consider the modding community as a serious asset to his game. Without the wonderful mods out there, he wouldn't have his millions of dollars he's happily being stingy with (still think he should hire a few mod developers).
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    Lord Chaos

    Because of your great work I have donated 50 dollars to you guys :) Spend them well.
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