When players place spawners they're always pig?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by NoahWL1, May 17, 2014.

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    So I have a problem. Whenever a non-admin buys a spawner from the shop and places it, it's always a pig spawner! I have the silkspawners plugin installed if that helps with anything, but I don't think it's the source of the problem.
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    Spawners are always Pig by default... You need to use a command to change them once placed...
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    I know. When I use the Buy signs in essentials I use the specific spawner id's. When people buy them and place them, they're pig. When an admin buys them and places them, it's the correct spawner.
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    "Spawners are always Pig by default... You need to use a command to change them once placed..."

    NoahWL1 you might want to re-read and comprehend what this guy just said.

    If you want your players to place spawners and have them NOT turn into pig spawners regardless of what they are before setting them down, you need to use a plugin such as SilkSpawners so you can control exactly how you expect spawners to work.

    For example, on my server, there is no way to "silk touch" a spawner...they simply break like vanilla Minecraft. However, I have it set where you can buy specific types of spawners via a donor store. I then have a further restriction that only donors with a specific perk can place AND retain the original spawner type. Anyone that places the spawner that does not have that perk will get a piggy spawner.

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    With SilkSpawners, players can buy spawners and place them as the proper type. Tell us:
    1. What version of CraftBukkit
    2. What version of SilkSpawners
    3. What other plugins you're using
    4. Your SilkSpawners config file (in particular 'usePermissions')
    5. Your permissions (anything starting with silkspawners)
    6. What your 'buy' signs look like (post a screenshot)
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    Do your players have the silkspawners.place.* permission?
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    Essentials has the essentials.spawnerconvert.mobname permission which you can use.
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    The idea is to have the spawners placed properly in the first place, as you wouldn't want players to change spawner types. SilkSpawners, when configured correctly, will place the spawners properly.
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    That is what said permission does. What you are thinking of is /spawner and essentials.spawner.mobname permissions.
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    Then it's an undocumented permission. It does not appear in http://wiki.ess3.net/wiki/Command_Reference/Perm

    I have SilkSpawners, I do not give players any spawner-related permissions, and my server works exactly the way the OP wants his server to work.
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